"While I travel a lot, I'm aware of the environmental issues related to travel. And I'm not alone, the demand for more ecological travel is growing. If this initiative was adopted by Airbnb, it would be easier for travelers to find sustainable housing. We all need to make changes in our lives, and this is an easy way to start the journey towards zero!" Nina Hiukkanen, ZeroBnB client.
It's the backstory that's most interesting about this innovation. Neste, a Finland-based producer of renewable diesel, created the zero-impact Nolle cabin in July 2018 to promote its vision of a zero-emissions future. Guests could book to stay on the hut via Airbnb. Now, to further promote its vision, the company has created Zerobnb to list other sustainable properties which can be found on Airbnb. Neste says that when Airbnb add a filter option to view its sustainable properties, it will shutter Zerobnb.
If you were asked how a renewable energy company should market itself, you probably wouldn't list 'creating a cabin on an island off the mainland' and then 'creating an accommodation listings site' in your Top 10! This is an excellent example of Marketing as a service.