"It was like a woman-only summer camp where the message was: Empowerment! We connected, we talked, we bonded. It was a very memorable week"

Phoukham Kelly Bounkeua, a psychotherapist from Seattle who attended the retreat.
Drawn to SuperShe's message of encouraging emotional, physical, and financial well-being amongst women, the guests, women from all over the world are carefully selected with different backgrounds to inspire each other.

In the first edition, the 6 guests, all career women between 35 and 55, some married, some single mothers, spent this week connecting to each other, and concentrating on their own sense of mental and physical wellbeing. A series of outdoor activities were incorporated into the daily schedule: yoga at sunrise, kayaking after breakfast, hiking, swimming and plenty of walks in nature.
Cabins are state-of-the art, with fireplaces, reindeer throws, and pine wood balconies with oversized couches looking out over the water. Daily seminars and workshops are headlined by thought leaders in female well-being (this week, for example, featured wellness author Loretta Breuning). For certain meals, Michelin-starred chefs to come over from Sweden and cook for the guests; an on-island chef took care of the rest, with dishes including grilled lamb, cauliflower soups, and salmon. Finnish beauticians were boated in for facials and massages, too.

Definitely at the crossroads of many of the important trends of the moment, SuperShe Island is designed as a safe space where women can come together to reinvent themselves and their desires.