"Our approach is to augment the beverage flavor experience by overlaying external sensory stimuli. In this Vocktail we overlay color, taste and smell sensations to create an adjustable flavor experience, which can be tuned to the user's specific preferences via a mobile app. This also allows users to experimentally create new flavors, Imagine you want to try a mojito with a twist of chocolate or strawberry?" Nimesha Ranasinghe, the National University of Singapore.
The device resembles a martini glass attached to a pedestal. This platform conceals the electronics, three scent cartridges, micro air pumps, and an LED while a pair of electrodes sit on the glass's rim.

The LED changes the color of the liquid, while the scent cartridges are mixed to release different smells. New smells can easily plug in accordingly, similar to cartridges on an inkjet printer.
The electrodes send a mild electric current to your tongue to generate "virtualized tastes." By varying the amperage of electricity through the circuit (i.e., your tongue), the Vocktail simulates salty, bitter and sweet.

As for the OhRoma, it's a $200 device that aims to augments the VR "adult camgirl" experience offered by streaming site Comsoda with 30 different scents.

"Smell can really invoke so much. The model chooses in the app the sets of smells she wants to create in her room, in order to develop a specific atmosphere for the show. This can range from sweet and fruity to deep musky body odor -- all the things that go along with the smell of sex." Daryn Parker, VP of CamSoda.