To help fans engage with the series, each episode was repurposed as a participatory multimedia event using Twitter Moments, which contained a Tweet that made it easy for fans to Retweet to Subscribe. Using the 'Retweet to Subscribe' feature, fans in 12 countries received weekly notifications, giving them a sneak peek at new episodes before they were released to the public
"By partnering with Twitter, we scored a huge win. With Retweet to Subscribe, online fans received an immediate notification when new content was available. All they had to do was Retweet Chevrolet's post. What a simple, innovative and effective solution to drive viewership and engagement." John Gasloli, senior manager, Global Chevrolet Marketing.
Through exclusive content, fueled by Retweet to Subscribe and Twitter Moments, fans got the inside scoop and connection to Manchester United players they crave—an experience only available on Twitter.

The talk show delivered, making sure Chevrolet did more than stand out in timelines. During the series' first few weeks, the automaker connected with legions of football fans, racking up 44 million impressions for its videos and earning a 100 percent positive-to-neutral sentiment.