"In Hong Kong, the end transaction could be either in WhatsApp, iMessage or WeChat – within mainland China it's obviously focused around WeChat. Our mission is 'inspire, acquire, deliver'. So if you see something on Instagram, you would then swipe up through a Story, start chatting to one of our sales team and then all payment and invoicing would happen within that conversation."
Threads Styling Founder and CEO Sophie Hill.
Key to cultivating new clients has been the way Threads communicates: clients and shoppers ping-pong messages back and forth. Their products are showcased via Instagram Stories, for which the in-house team creates a minimum of six branded features a day. It's fast, it's efficient and it's highly personalized.

Clearly, the idea struck a chord. Today, the company has an average transaction value of US$2,500 and partners with leading design houses including Cartier, Céline and Hermès. Quite how the company manages such impressive feats is kept well under wraps, but the company positions itself as a brand partner.
"We can give brands insight and guidance as to how they can communicate better with a millennial audience, which I think is everybody's priority at the moment."

Instead of holding inventory, Threads has agreements with brands and stores across the globe so that it can get hold of specific products quickly – sometimes in under 30 minutes. This, after all, is the age of instant gratification. Hill says the two most important things for a millennial are curation and convenience.

"I'm not a fan of long checkouts. I'm not a fan of trawling through long search. Being able to transact as and when I want is something that is really appealing to me. But it's more than just appealing to millennials; we have a lot of older customers as well that have been brought to the service by their children."