Taylor Swift, who just celebrated her 28th birthday is more than a pop star. She's a businesswoman. With 85.8 million Twitter followers and 105 million Instagram followers—she's been able to garner an impressive level of fan engagement.

Taking a tip from Madonna, the queen of reinvention, Swift has launched each project and every new record like a rebirth—erasing all previous social media posts to create a blank canvas from which to start again.

And in the process, she continues to engage directly with fans, from sending Swifties—a term that Swift has of course trademarked—personal DMs to surprising them at their homes, all of which end up making headlines. Her latest move is "The Swift Life," essentially a social network for her fans.
The app begins with a brief video from Swift. "Hey, it's Taylor," she says. "Welcome to 'The Swift Life'". As a user, you aim to collect "Taymojis" (Swift-related emojis) by liking and sharing other people's posts. You can follow other users, chat, and the more engagement you show, the more "musical notes" you receive, which is a way to step up a level and access 45 second songs, while receiving new "Taymojis." It's sort of like a game, and you win by being on Swift's biggest fans. This app is a very well-executed addition to the celebrity app trend which started with Kim Kardashian, Gordon Ramsay or Nicki Minaj.