In China, a Store of the Future
—No Checkout, No Staff
The new Moby stores are attempting to reinvent the shopping experience by merging online and offline retailing. No lines, no checkout and open 24 hours every day of the year. In a digital age of high expectation levels and instant gratification, the Moby is essentially offering products for immediate consumption around the clock. Enabling consumers to enter a store, take what they need, and leave, will be incredibly attractive for obvious reasons.
This also means stores can remain open around the clock, without having to rely on human staff.

The start-up is currently collaborating with the Hefei Technical University in China to incorporate self-driving technology, although the store's ability to drive itself is also dependent on countries developing laws that allow autonomous vehicles on the roads.

With this in place, the Moby-Mart could drive to areas where it is in-demand, and take itself back to the warehouse to pick up new stock. Currently it can be driven in-person or controlled remotely.

Wheelys has also created a hologram store assistant, powered by artificial intelligence, which can keep a note of shopping habits and make recipe recommendations.

These virtual attendants would use the cloud to form a network that tracks worldwide behavior, and allows Moby-Marts to tailor products to specific areas.