16th Edition
The Latest Trends in Content Strategy
Is this AI-driven social media network the next Tumblr?
KeyWords: Social Media, AI, Cryptocurrency, Creatives

Imagine a social media network powered entirely by aestheticsno ads, no sponsored posts, no data being sold to faceless conglomerates, and certainly no censorship like on Instagram.

Called New Life.AI and hailed as the 'new Tumblr', the cyberpunk-looking app is a decentralized platform for and governed by its users. The futuristic app is targeted at artists, designers, tech people, crypto-nerds, and everything in between. A glimpse into the future of social media?


Mailchimp is creating an In House entertainment studio with international ambitions!
KeyWords: In-House Content, Agency, Entertainment, Studio

Can Mailchimp, the famous provider of email marketing and other services — produce a series as entertaining and engaging as anything on TV or Netflix? That's the goal for the company, which is assembling a slate of short-form content to promote its brand in concert with entertainment industry partners like Vice Media, WME.
Called 'Mailchimp Presents', it is described as a "business entertainment platform," centered on themes of entrepreneurship and aimed at owners of small businesses.

A platform to help brands hire women and non-binary creatives!
KeyWords: Diversity, Human Resources, Women, Non-Binary

The newborn GirlGaze Network allows brands to sign up and find diverse, female-identifying and non-binary creatives to generate amazing content, launching a digital jobs platform with 200,000 potential employees in 62 countries.

The network has been in beta for the past few months, and was integral in a global campaign from Dove, which employed 400 photographers and directors across 62 countries.


Are Memes the future of Content Creation?
KeyWords: Memes, Content, Imgur, Platform

Meme creators have never gotten their fair share. Remixed and re-shared across the web, their jokes prop up social networks like Instagram and Twitter that pay back none of their ad revenue to artists and comedians. But 300 million monthly user meme and storytelling app Imgur wants to pioneer a way to pay creators per second that people view their content.

A Netflix for your skin? For 92$ a month..
KeyWords: Keywords: Shiseido, Beauty Plan

Shiseido Co. is making it easier for customers to benefit from — and pay for — perfect skin. For 10,000 yen ($92) a month, customers will be able to access the Japanese cosmetics maker's skincare subscription service, called Optune. Using a smartphone app that analyzes skin and a dispenser with five serum cartridges, Shiseido says it can deliver the most appropriate skincare formula for women.


A restaurant designed not to be instagrammable!
KeyWords: Restaurant, Design, Non-Instagrammable

London's Lucky Cat restaurant is designed to be better in person than in pictures. Design studio AfroditiKrassa "deliberately went dark" to create the jet-black interiors of central London's Lucky Cat restaurant so that they don't disappoint in real life. The restaurant – which was designed by London studio AfroditiKrassa – is decked out in an array of moody tones, in a bid to ditch the typically color-saturated aesthetic of dining spots seen on photo-sharing app Instagram.

Is Lady Gaga Amazon's golden ticket for entering the beauty game?
KeyWords: Influencers, Sport, Women, Social Media

Lady Gaga has finally announced the launch of her cosmetics line, Haus Laboratories. What came as a surprise was who Gaga chose to be her exclusive launch partner: Amazon.com. Haus will sell kits with gloss, liner, and colorful makeup items on Amazon starting in September. The collection will be available throughout the US, France, and Germany, places where customers can use one-day and two-day shipping. In Asia and South America, they can buy Haus through Amazon's global store.


Walmart is using VR to decide which employee should get the promotions
KeyWords: V.R, Human Resources, Promotion, Employee

Walmart, the largest private employer in the U.S. with 1.5 million workers, is using virtual reality to help find candidates for management positions in all 4,600 stores. Walmart's idea for a VR assessment was rooted in seeing how its workers might respond to challenging situations and how they prioritize different tasks—things that would be hard to identify in an interview.

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