"Traditionally in the Beauty and Make-up category, it had always been women being transformed for very superficial, vain reasons. In a lot of ways, it was because the category had been stuck in a male gaze. So we wanted to rewrite a lot of those conventions... What we wanted to do, through the talent we chose to work with, is honor who they are, their stories, and the context that beauty plays within their lives."
Katy Alonzo, director of Covergirl's Ad Agency Droga5

Opening with this Toni Morrison quote "What's the world for you if you can't make it up the way you want it?," the message of the campaign is that identity is what we shape it into—not what the world or anyone else does.
It's a refreshing point to make at a time when many still feel unsafe expressing their own identity in a post-Trump administration. In the ad, however, the new lineup of Covergirls find empowerment in expressing theirs, whether it's through makeup as a vehicle or as something they wear just for themselves.

This year, as Rihanna made her debut with Fenty Beauty and more established companies attempted to diversify their casting, conversations about inclusivity in beauty have definitively reached a boiling point!