Imagine gigantic multiplayer games where you have a TV-show in the middle running the whole thing.
Compete against your family or friends sitting next to you in your sofa, or how about against the whole nation - you can be participating on your own device and have it rendered in the virtual environment live as part of the show.

The technology is different from a traditional green screen version of compositing because people can influence the environment. The digital background isn't static. It's something that players can change in real time.

People at home are also playing along, competing in mobile versions of the games that contestants are competing in. And they aren't playing along just for fun. A home contestant has a chance to win the same amount of money as the winner in the studio. This presents unique design decisions for the project.

The company behind it, named The Future Group has already raised $30 million and employs about a hundred people already, with 40 more coming soon. Expectations are high. The Future Group is of course eyeing the rapidly growing e-sports industry, because they don't expect the technology to only be used for TV. And that means they'll be able to apply typical game commercialization models - in-app purchases in freemium games for example.

The platform also means completely new possibilities for marketers wanting to display their product in an immersive environment, to name a few.