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The Latest Trends in Content Strategy
When a Brand gets in the 'sensation' business: Toyota's new campaign targets More Than 80 Twitter Ads Based on Emoji Use
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Toyota, the world's third-biggest carmaker with unit sales of 5.13 million during the first half of the year, is promoting the 2018 model of Camry sedans with a multimedia campaign that includes dozens of customized videos targeted at Twitter users. Short videos with customized emoji characters are shown to users based upon their recent emoji use on the platform.
Toyota's Emoji Campaign
Causing a global sensation. Click Read more to find out why
The 6 Second Ad Movement
Catching attention, delivering the brand
The trend that you won't escape from:
The 6 seconds ads

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Is 2018 the turning point for snackable spots? Definitely a trend since Google conducted a hugely followed 6 seconds video hackathon in Sundance last year, the Big brands like Fox and Michelin followed up saying they were on board with this format of 'snack-sized' clips.

The format allows brands to continue on their quest to reach a younger demographic, for such spots could be ideal for reaching millennials and Gen Z consumers with shorter attention spans.

In China, a Store of the Future
—No Checkout, No Staff
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Moby Store, is a project launched by Wheelys, a Stockholm-headquartered crowdfunded startup. The company is testing out a model of a 24-hour store run entirely by technology.
Wheelys has developed a system that collects the shopper's biometrics—most notably walking gait—as he or she scans the QR code and uses sensors on the shelves to detect removal of items. Shoppers must register ahead of time for an account. Once an item has been removed, it is linked to the shopper's ID in the smartphone app to prevent theft.
Wheelys Moby Mart
An autonomous, staffless, mobile store. Open 24 hours every day of the year, merging online and offline retailing. No lines, no checkout.
Interactive Mixed Reality Content
The Hunger Games, but in real life.
Forget V.R, Forget A.R.
Get Ready for 'Interactive Mixed Reality'
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After innovating with multi-distribution web series 'Skam', Norwegian innovators strike again and have created a new super-agile entertainment platform that blends linear television and game technology into a hybrid format called "Interactive Mixed Reality", which first product, a TV game named 'Lost in Time' is due to air this month. In 'Lost in Time', three studio contestants are set loose on a green screen stage and perform timed, physical game challenges. The audience, which could be watching at home or on a mobile device, sees the contestant seamlessly blended into a virtual environment built out of real-time computer graphics.
Is In-House created Content and Video Focus the ultimate key to success?
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Streetwear/Millenial-oriented content platform Highsnobiety is one of the most successful examples on how a video-oriented strategy can litteraly blow-up your audience.

In the last year, Highsnobiety increased its posting, to 15 to 20 times a day, up from eight, while putting a bigger focus on video, increasing it to 11 percent from 1 percent of its output in the past six months. About 20 percent of all Highsnobiety's Instagram posts are now created in-house, relying on a large network of contributors. It's Instagram account employs 11 people full-time. This strategy made it in the last year the No. 8 publisher in monthly engagement.
HighSnobiety how to create perfect content for millennials
A hotel chain becomes a media agency by setting up a money-making content studio
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In September 2015, Marriott International has announced the launch of its global content marketing studio. In two years, it has produced a sea of digital content, web episodes, influencer collaborations and original short films. The Marriott content team almost acts like Hollywood producers, choosing to partner with content creators instead of doing everything in-house, although everything is piloted from Marriott's control room 'M Live'.
The BBC finally found a cool use for Amazon Echo, and it's not what you think
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Thanks to the BBC, the conversations you have with your smart speaker are about to get a whole lot, well, weirder. The British broadcaster is diving deep into the world of Google Home and Amazon Echo, but this time around news isn't on the agenda. Instead, the corporation plans to launch an interactive sci-fi drama that listeners can play along with at home interacting with their home device and creating original storylines.


The successful digital publisher for young women you might never have heard of, and its unusual tactics!

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-Galore Media says traditional ads just don't work for Gen Z, the 70 million people born between 1996 and 2010.
-Instead it focuses on creating content for marketers and connecting them with influencers.
-"This is how everybody will have to build a media company in the future."
-From Slack channels for fans, to proper events organizing, its way of operating is a total philosophical difference from most media companies.

Catching our eyes
John Yuyi, a taiwanese contemporary artist living in NYC, has an interesting take on social media, as a performance art. The concept was all about my daily life as an artwork installation," Yuyi says. "What if I put these social media posts on our faces and bodies and 'posted' them again? It's like a cycle, and I found that quite interesting."

Yuyi not only creates something aesthetic and interesting, but she also literalizes a social phenomenon. By reinterpreting an online profile into an epidermal one, Yuyi gives digital an organic surrogate. And by connecting audiences with the face behind her posts, Yuyi invokes cyclical messages of accountability, vulnerability and authenticity.

It's how Yuyi helped GUCCI create one of its most viral posts, which has since garnered over 210,000 likes — wildly surpassing the number of likes on GUCCI's former posts as well as on those that came after.

Ms. Huxtable is a visual and performance artist, D.J., writer, night-life host and fashion model. She found an early creative outlet through Tumblr and Instagram, where she would share provocative, often sexually charged images that dealt with topics like queer art and futurism.

Eventually her selfies caught the attention of Lauren Cornell, a curator at the New Museum at the time, who included her in the museum's triennial in 2015. The show included four of Ms. Huxtable's prints, including two self-portraits, alongside a 3D-printed sculpture of her body by the artist Frank Benson.

Huxtable was the muse and designer's behind Chromat's new blue lipstick, which created quite a stir on social media when it came out last June.
Mr. Zeinali is a pop-obsessed videographer beloved by the likes of Petra Collins, Selena Gomez and Paris Hilton for his comical internet fashion clips done in his signature mash-up style. He honed his campy aesthetic as the visual content creator for Vogue, where he was commissioned to post low-fi clips of Anna Wintour in her office on the magazine's official Snapchat handle and created short and sweet viral videos on everyone from Beth Ditto to the communities of Standing Rock. He left the magazine in March to pursue a freelance career. "I usually don't know what I'm doing or where I'm going," he said. "I love taking things on and seeing where they go." His compass-less playbook appears to be working. Dazed Digital recently gushed that Mr. Zeinali possesses "the best Instagram of all time."