"It is a committee that is structured with people below the age of 30, "The task is either discussing the same topics that we discuss in the normal meeting with executives, or giving me ideas on different processes." says Gucci's CEO Marco Bizarri

Bizzarri's goal has been to make sure everyone feels comfortable proposing new ideas and identifying processes that aren't working.
One way he's done it is by creating what he called a "bottom-up approach," meaning that he tries to give people throughout the company the opportunity to offer feedback to top executives and create change.
Bizzarri relies on the shadow committee to let him know what's not working.

The way the company cuts the leather for its bags, for instance, was producing a lot of unnecessary waste. But the millennial committee raised the idea of handling the process in a different way that successfully cut down on excess.

Though he didn't mention it specifically, it wouldn't be a surprise if Bizzarri's recent announcement that Gucci would go fur-free had its roots in the shadow committee.