"Right now social media is a spectator sport. It's not making people feel connected. We wanted to be the antidote" Abraham Shaffi, founder of I.R.L

Though teens are addicted to some of the social media platforms, they are averse to hang out on the same platforms where their parents are. Facebook faced the considerable amount of reduction in number of hours spent on the platform. The firm has been trying to figure out new ways to make people spend quality time on the platform. The social media addiction has been affecting the emotional and mental well-being of users. Tech experts realized it and designed an app to make people stay away from these platforms and focus on building relationships through face to face interactions.
The app is also built to drive teens to do more of the things together that will make them put their phones down.

Investors showed interest in IRL as it fills the gap which leading social media companies have left in the industry. IRL raised funds from investors such as Floodgate, Founders Fund, and other angel investors.

'We feel like by focusing on plans, and getting together offline, we could be the Instagram of invites. Remember? Before Instagram people definitely didn't take as many pictures." Abraham Shaffi