"We live in a society where, for most of us, our physical needs are largely met, but often our emotional and psychological lives go unfed. In this fun, interactive artwork, we hope people find an unexpected way to talk about the things we all need more of in our minds, and increase their awareness of an important cause,". Artists Elizabeth Commandeur and Mark Starmach, creators of 'Intangible Goods'

By designing the packs with mental health professionals, the artists are aiming to remove the stigma attached to mental health, and all proceeds will go to Australian organisations in the field.

There are little bars and packets themed around connection, spontaneity, friendship, bravery, reassurance, imagination, structure and purpose among other important things we really need sometimes (but don't treat ourselves to). And while a "friendship" bar won't magically give you a friend, perhaps you'll find some tips to make a new one yourself.
"Art has the capacity to impact our community and break down stigma and isolation. I hope this project encourages more people to think about mental health and to step up and help those in need." Sydney's Mayor Clover Moore.