"We wanted the store as well as all the products in it to feel very Instagrammable. There' s a giant selfie wall with seats so that people can sit there and take photos of themselves. "
Linda Chang, Founder, Riley Rose

The interior looks like an old-fashioned soda-pop shop: white-tiled façade, its name in neon script. Inside is sensory overload, Disneyland for people into skin care, sweets, and the Zeitgeist.
"I don't think retail is dead, I don't think traffic is dead to the stores and the malls. I think you have to build something new and different for people to come". Linda Chang

Why do we think it's clever?

The majority of Riley Rose's products come from outside the U.S., giving them a competitive advantage over traditional beauty retailers or the cosmetics section of a department store. The experiential spaces they conceived will be focused on selling accessories, cosmetics and home goods for the millennial consumer.

What's inside?

The store carries approximately 200 brands, about 80 of which she estimates are beauty. Brands will rotate in and out based on popularity and to provide constant "discovery" opportunities for customers.

Some of the prospective store locations (9 will be opened in the US before the end of the year) will have full-on lounges with charging stations, so that you can shop and then sit and hang with your friends for a while.

That's how Riley Rose plans to set themselves apart from its competitors. It's more than just beauty shop — they see themselves as a "lifestyle store."