"We set out to show that positive thinking isn't just goodwill. It actually has the power to change things. By demonstrating that our positive thoughts have the power to trigger complex physical functions, the machine was a way of proving that there is real value in what the Life is Good brand stands for—to spread the power of optimism"

The machine worked by recording the brain activity of subjects when they were asked to think happy thoughts or observe positive positive stimuli on a video monitor. Each time users reproduced that type of brain activity, the device used Ardunio and Bluetooth technology to turn on the tap.

While many people who tried the machine were convinced they would be unable to make it work, everyone was ultimately able to fill the glass with water. There were differences between what constituted positive thoughts for children and adults, however: For adults, positive thoughts tended to be complex or highly specific, such as walking on a beach and feeling sand between their toes, while children tended to focus on simpler things, such as cupcakes or basketball.
This is an efficient but striking example of the recent use of neurosciences in Marketing activations.