1st Edition
The Latest Trends in Sustainability
Off the grid sustainable living will soon be a reality...with the "Tesla of Eco-Villages"
KeyWords: Sustainable, Living, Permaculture

The world's first off-grid network of villages is set to be erected in the Netherlands in 2020. ReGen Villages aims to prove that it can produce clean water, food, and energy on this certified organic farmland, whilst also housing hundreds of people. But what really sets these eco-villages apart is the interwoven technology allowing each community to further learn and improve from each other.


When a brand choses its 'real' role model push through a new social contest!
KeyWords: Ambassadors, Advocate, Social Good

American lingerie brand Aerie is expanding its body-positive marketing platform with eight new faces and a contest. This year, the brand is running a social media contest to give away $400,000 in grants to 20 women to make positive changes in their local communities. Entrants must share which area they wish to impact, such as bullying, homelessness or environmentalism. The winners will be revealed in the fall and featured with the new #AerieREAL faces.

Luxury Department store Selfridges to ban all plastic-based cosmetic glitter by 2021
KeyWords: Cosmetics, Sustainability, Plastic, Ban, Consumers

Selfridges has pledged to remove all plastic-based cosmetic glitter by next year as it pushes on with efforts to try and become the most sustainable retailer. The luxury department store retailer said it was working closely with 300 suppliers to ensure plastic-based cosmetic glitter is removed from its beauty halls by January 1, 2021. The move comes as new research found that almost two-thirds of Brits were unaware that glitter contains single-use plastic, earning it the reputation as the hidden microplastic.


Carbon clickprint? The ecological impact of our online activities.
KeyWords: Digital Consumption, Online, Carbon Footprint

More than four billion people used the Internet in 2019. Our increasing reliance on digital tools has an environmental impact that's becoming increasingly harder to ignore. According to the experts, the share of global CO2 emissions from digital technologies increased from 2.5 to 3.7 percent between 2013 and 2019. Our use of digital technologies now actually causes more CO2 emissions and has a bigger impact on global warming than the entire aviation industry! Let's take a look at the numbers….

Can China become a leader in sustainability?
KeyWords: China, Sustainability, Brands, Customer, In-depth

"There is no luxury without China, there is no sustainability without China," as the saying goes.. As the biggest supplier of raw materials for the fashion industry for decades, and raw material, it accounts for 70 percent of the total fashion industry's carbon footprint. The country is now held responsible for eliminating carbon emissions in these areas. These changes are slowly taking place in all of China's sectors through its consumers, brands, and government.


Podcast of the month: Is Radical Transparency a good company policy?
KeyWords: Radical Transparency, Fashion, Supply Chain, Sustainability

Imagine a company not only dedicated to using sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing practices, but taking transparency to an entirely new level through travel. Launching a tour to India this fall, this California luxury fashion brand is not only preaching more positive practices in apparel, but opening up its supply chain to show fans and customers a behind-the-scenes view of how clothes are made.

Weapons of reason: A magazine that wants to change the world!
KeyWords: Magazine, Illustration, Sustainability,

Weapons of reason is one of the most interesting publications around sustainability we've ever encountered. Each issue is focused on one of the big challenges facing the world. The magazine's approach is to take these big, unwieldy, complex subjects and break them down into a series of perspectives that can be understood in the context of past, present and future. This simple, uncomplicated structure matches the illustrations throughout, and helps to ensure that the message doesn't become overbearing, helping the reader along from story to story.