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A platform to help brands hire women and non-binary creatives!
KeyWords: Diversity, Human Resources, Women, Non-Binary

The newborn GirlGaze Network allows brands to sign up and find diverse, female-identifying and non-binary creatives to generate amazing content, launching a digital jobs platform with 200,000 potential employees in 62 countries. The network has been in beta for the past few months, and was integral in a global campaign from Dove, which employed 400 photographers and directors across 62 countries.

Walmart is using VR to decide which employee should get the promotions
KeyWords: V.R, Human Resources, Promotion, Employee

Walmart, the largest private employer in the U.S. with 1.5 million workers, is using virtual reality to help find candidates for management positions in all 4,600 stores. Walmart's idea for a VR assessment was rooted in seeing how its workers might respond to challenging situations and how they prioritize different tasks—things that would be hard to identify in an interview.
Get hired in Japan thanks to your (visual) originality!
KeyWords: HR, Personalities, Original

Japan's Isehan Group recently ran its 'Face Hiring' initiative, aimed at those applying to its 2020 graduate recruitment season. However the initiative isn't what you might think. This wasn't an effort by the cosmetics company to recruit based on attractiveness, but a campaign to encourage job seekers to come in clothes, hairstyles and makeup that reflect their real personalities.

Reebok is building an in-house influencer's team!
KeyWords: Influencers, Social Media, Organization

Reebok is in the process of building an internal team dedicated to bridging the gap between its marketing team and digital influencers. The brand created a specific department to "really centralise efforts for digital influencers – people who make their living off the internet", that will allow it to juggle with bloggers, vloggers and Instagram personalities between its celebrity-focused entertainment team and athlete-focused partnerships team.

Meet your new Digital Workforce!
KeyWords: Avatars, Virtual, Remote

As virtual and physical worlds continue to merge, a new fleet of digital personalities is poised to transform the workforce. New advances in digitalization seek to find the right balance of human and digital touch, in an effort to enhance both the working environment and the customer experience.


A.I and the new Workanomics:
KeyWords: Influencers, Social Media, Organization

Is nine to five still the best way to work? Increasingly, many businesses and employees are looking at alternatives to the traditional full-time work week, using artificial intelligence (AI), automation and new employee rewards.

Employer Brandstanding..the new norm!
KeyWords: Influencers, Social Media, Organization

Brands are evolving into more mindful and civic entities as they introduce new measures that prioritize employees. In today's transparent world, consumer-facing brands are scrutinized for a multitude of new criteria, which extends more and more to how they treat their employees.