Similar to Google Maps' street view function, the interactive shopping experience blurs the lines between fiction and reality by turning a quiet, suburban European neighborhood into a catwalk of sorts filled with models seemingly living out their rather mundane, everyday lives—walking, talking, skateboarding, etc.—except they're doing it dressed head-to-toe in the new collection.
Shoppers are encouraged to tour the streets while picking up hidden Fred Perry clues that lead you from one shoppable item to the next, in effect playing out a small narrative through the town and the people living in it.
Adding an element of anonymity they have their faces blurred, as do some products which are to be launched at a later date and still not available for purchase.

The brands' decade-old collaboration has become a staple in the wardrobes of many trend-led young consumers. To celebrate its 10th anniversary last summer, the brands gifted 100 garments from its archives to the subcultures that inspire their collections. Over the course of six weeks, products were distributed at places with emerging subcultures, such as Athens and Belgrade.