At Xander Zhou's last runaway show, a number of the models seemed to have given birth to the babies they carried.
Wearing super-cosy fleece tracksuits, the models' newly-born offspring were held closely to their chests or carried in baby harnesses, with accessories including dummies and feeding bottles seen peeking out of their pockets at his AW19 London Fashion Week presentation.
As well as the new dads, there were doctor-like human engineers in neat polo tops and slim trousers and otherworldly boys in scuba-style all-in-ones with protruding fins. Others wore futuristic sportswear and sharp tailored jackets, while some appeared to have bionic limbs, wires protruding from their bodies, and embryonic goo on their faces.

This show could be seen as part of an anti-beauty movement going on. Beauty is not synonymous with looking good. People recognize beauty as a way of transformation—being scary or ugly is part of that.
Beauty is not looking its normal self as bold new forms of self-expression transform it into something daring, unusual, grotesque—and beautiful. What beauty represents is being redefined and brands need to take note of the "imperfect" aesthetic highlighted by a subculture of experimental artists.

So should we be worried about what's coming as part of "phase three" after this "phase two" show? According to Zhou, as long as we 'smile and be welcoming' to these new beings, approach them with respect, and demonstrate a desire to open a dialogue of peace and inclusivity, we should be fine. "Together is good", he says. You heard it here first!