"When conceptualizing the Espira range, we looked to women ages 18 to 50—our primary customers and representative age base—who possibly had children, and definitely had busy lives, to figure out exactly what their needs were. What we found was a serious depletion of energy. It seems everyone is tired these days." Elana Gold, Avon Chief Marketing Officer
Avon tapped high-level talent previously at GNC (the supplement haven) and spent 18 months researching the most potent plant-based ingredients to include in the line. Restore, Boost and Grow are three hallmark categories of supplements that are meant to boost their clients complexion, aid their gut, and help them relax.

To ensure that Avon sellers are familiar with the regulatory framework of dietary supplement and the best practice in selling them, the company has provided its social sales force proper training including webinars, videos and robust readings.