9th Edition
The Latest Trends in Content Strategy

Skincare made of silk? How a start-up combines cutting edge tech and sustainability!
KeyWords: Sustainability, Beauty, Tech, Skincare, Silk

A Beauty Startup, Silk Therapeutics, has just launched a skincare line made from pure silk. The world's first beauty products to be made from the sustainable fibre are launching exclusively at Harrods this fall. By combining high-end technology and natural ingredients the start-up hopes to tap into $3 trillion market for sustainable products. The decision to launch in Britain was, in part, due to the UK leading the charge on eliminating micro-plastics from personal care products.

How personalized e-commerce allowed Diane Von Furstenberg to increase her sales by 11%
KeyWords: Fashion, E-commerce, A.I

Fashion brand Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) attributed 11% of its revenue to individualized e-commerce experiences, thanks to a clever new marketing personalization platform. DVF, which is building its direct-to-consumer business, used this platform to add features like shopping basket reminders, targeted offers and emails that display clothing collections linked to its e-commerce website.


Read an entire book on Instagram thanks to Instanovel!
KeyWords: Instagram, Reading, Novel, Innovation

The New York Public Library is introducing a new way for readers to get their read on: the "InstaNovel." This fall, the NYPL will begin posting classic novels to its Instagram account, in the form of Instagram stories. The project, called InstaNovels, is deemed a "reimagining of Instagram Stories to provide a new platform for iconic stories."

Could body-modified clothing implants be the future of fashion?
KeyWords: Body, morphing, Exhibition, Fashion

A new fashion brand called 'A.Human' features strange body adornments that create alien-like appendages such as skin growths and webbed fingers feature. A.Human's collection is currently on show in a nightmarish immersive installation and exhibit that debuted at New York Fashion Week. The brand offers customers the opportunity to customise the appearance of parts of their bodies, as an alternative to traditional adornments or clothing. Kim Kardashian is already a fan..


Fashion recommended to you..on your Spotify Data!!
KeyWords: Data, A.I, Fashion, Music

What can a suit company do to strike a difference between its competitors? Integrate artificial intelligence and Spotify data, naturally. The assumption is that music is at the core of a lot of everyday life; it reveals something about us that we may not know that we project onto people. So a new start-up is now using A.I to see how music, which supposedly drives a lot of our decisions, selections, identities and moods, correlates to fashion tastes.

New Balance is watching you!
KeyWords: Brands, Beauty, Creativity, Diversity

This last fashion week in NYC, the sportswear giant New Balance used AI to observe pedestrians. But it's not interested in trends..it developed a technology specifically designed to identify people who don't look like everybody else!


Forget young celebrities...these over 70s Fashion Influencers are taking Chinese Millennials by Storm!
KeyWords: Senior, Influencers, China

In August, a fire was ignited on China's WeChat and demonstrated the power of Silver generation influencers. The post introduced eight elder socialites with Chinese heritage, who are featured in Marie Claire's upcoming September issue. In less than 72 hours since its release, the post visibility has set an extraordinary record for the Chinese fashion magazine publishers. The eight personalities – whose average age is over 80 years old – were chosen due to lifetime achievements in their respective fields.

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Bailey Skye, the New York-based DJ and producer behind Nightspace, launched their second collection under ZAH this month. The lineup was presented at an intimate rooftop soiree in New York's Lower East Side, and brought together a range of LGBTQ artists and influential talent to celebrate inclusion and the inherent purity of DIY art-making.