8th Edition
The Latest Trends in Content Strategy

"Little Fresh Meat"..or the rise of make-up for men in China!
KeyWords: Make-Up, Men, Gender, China

Owing to a celebrity-led acceptance of men and make-up, and a blurring of conventional gender norms, the Chinese male cosmetics market is on course to become the most lucrative in the world. The annual growth of male beauty consumption in China is predicted to reach 13.5 percent by 2019 – well ahead of the 5.8 percent rise in the global male beauty market. A term has emerged to describe the men who are leading this new kind of beauty revolution. "Little Fresh Meat" refers to young good-looking men – with flawless skin!

Get Back to School with the Instagram College!
KeyWords: Instagram, Education, E-Commerce, Executives

In July this year started the first day of class of an executive-centered program organized in their headquarters by Instagram. In attendance are executives and marketing managers from various fashion and beauty companies such as Birchbox, Madewell, Soludos… They've all come to learn how to make piles of money using the app which now counts one billion active users. But the folks at Instagram have a lot to learn from them, too! The company has been studying expanding niches to find out how expert users create commerce—and spreading what it learns.


The 'Google of Fashion'...might be French!
KeyWords: Search, Fashion, A.I, Start-Up

How can you have an easy access to the thousands of looks that the fashion industry has been creating years after years, brands after brands, collections after collections?
Tagwalk, a French start-up which calls itself the world's first fashion search engine, is the answer to this question. By using more than 2,800 key words, users can search by brand, season, city, trend, color, fabric or style through 128,000 pictures. It's a revolution for Trend Researchers, Creative Directors, Fashion Aficionados and prefigures the use of A.I in visual Archiving.

Custom Fast Fashion is finally coming to the consumer
KeyWords: Search, Fashion, A.I, Start-Up

This summer, Japan's biggest e-commerce company, Zozotown, will be debuting it's first in-house line of clothes in 72 countries, including the US. Zozo, as it's called, will sell oxford button downs, jeans, and several different types of T-shirts. All styles will be sold on its website, will cost under $100, and will be made in less than two weeks. But how does this differentiates itself from Fast Fashion giants such as Zara, H&M end co? The clothes will also be custom-fit for every individual shopper.


Inside China's Hottest and Addictive New Social Media App: Douyin
KeyWords: Social Media, App, China

Forget Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp..the most downloaded non-game iOS application in the first quarter of this year, is a newcomer from China: Douyin.
Originally a lip-syncing platform allowing users to incorporate clever effects, Douyin has grown to become a more diverse, Vine-like centre of short-video entertainment. Bringing together classical Clickbaits, more sophisticated content and massive influencers from other platforms, the addictive video app with 300 million active users, has fashion and beauty brands wondering whether they should get in on the action.

Spend your vacations on SuperShe Island…unless you are a man!
KeyWords: Brands, Beauty, Creativity, Diversity

The world's first all-female retreat on the world's first all-female island just opened an hour away from Helsinki's airport. Think of it as a summer camp with better food—and a focus on female empowerment! With one-week offers from June through September, the project aims to promote a type of wellness that comes from female togetherness.


Can A.R tech be glamorous? L'Oreal thinks it has the answer with two-way beauty consultation!
KeyWords: Beauty, A.R, Chat, Consultation

L'Oréal is giving consumers a way to take their augmented reality-based makeup try-ons to the next level by enabling a beauty adviser to place recommended products on a shopper's face during a live consultation. Customers can use video chat on their phones to ask for product recommendations from a beauty consultant, who appears in a box in a corner of the chat. The consultant then picks the best products for the customer's specified use and virtually places them on the customer's face in the video chat using AR technology.

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Ondrej is seducing instagramers through his uncommon selfies and animations. He lived in London, Tokyo and Munich working with @man.vs.machine @futuredeluxe@aixsponza and @onesal_studio.
Sweden based motion designer with clients such as Adidas, Ikea, Coca-Cola, Spotify, Absolut Vodka, Red Bull, Google etc.
Japanese flower artist, botanical sculptor, and co-founder of JARDINS des FLEURS. He designed Rihanna's latest Vogue Cover head-piece. His website is worth a visit.
Zemer Peled's sculptures and ceramics examin the beauty and brutality of the natural world, while gathering crowds of viewerships on social media.