Seventh Edition
The Latest Trends in Content Strategy

Has Nike cracked the code on how to sell products
through A.R?
KeyWords: A.R, Facebook, Campaign

Since early June, brands can now employ augmented reality within Facebook Messenger bots! One of the first brands to test the feature was Nike, who used A.R to present a clever experience allowing the user to have the right to buy a pair of exclusive sneakers, created for the occasion...and of course, the featured shoes sold out within the next hour. Beyond the 'wow effect' usually associated with A.R, Nike test project might give some hints about what a successful AR-based sales event might look like!

H&M wants to sell more floral skirts and big data is helping.
KeyWords: Fast Fashion, Big Data, Trends, Consumer

In an effort to break out of the continuous sales decrease, H&M is now using big data and A.I to customize the merchandising mix of individual stores... To predict trends months ahead of time, the brand is analyzing data from blog posts, search engines and other sources where it used to rely primarily on staff. Breaking with its one-size-fits-all merchandising approach to its 4,288 stores across the globe, H&M is now adopting a store by store AI-powered granular approach!


Buy some 'Calm' and 'Courage'.. Through a machine that distributes snacks based on your emotional needs!
KeyWords: Retail, Emotion, Activation,

Imagine a vending machine selling various abstract concepts who is running low on 'Imagination' and has plenty of 'Structure'. The 'Intangible Goods' vending machine, an art project from the City of Sydney, sells small packets of homemade cards, maps and knick-knacks, dressed up to look like fancy chocolate bars. There are 10 concepts, from Bravery to Spontaneity to Purpose. The goal of this highly spoken-about installation is to address common emotional needs and raise awareness on mental health.


After « Farm to Table », the rise of « Farm to Face »?
KeyWords: Beauty, BIY, Personalization, A.I, Organic

Blend-it-yourself, or BIY, is the idea of picking individual ingredients and blending them together to create a product that is a perfect reflection of your own needs. LOLI, which launched in March as an e-commerce shop with natural food-grade ingredients, allows customers to shop online order all-natural, organic and sustainably harvested products and blend them together to create their own beauty product. It is now moving towards using A.I to fine-tune the process of customer micro-personalization.


How Chinese shoppers look to Live Video to discover western brands!
KeyWords: Robots, Retail, China

In April, livestreaming video shopping marketplace ShopShops hosted a new kind of trunk show aimed at the Chinese market.
As the host, a Victoria Secret Model, took shoppers through her beauty routine, Chinese shoppers could comment, ask questions and instantly purchase products from the New York–based beauty brand. This East meets West experience can be best described as a TV Shopping-meets-Facebook Live-meets-Farfetch, in that it's the global generation's approach to shopping small global stores and brands through video!

How legendary pencil company Crayola is launching a beauty line with inclusivity in mind!
KeyWords: Brands, Beauty, Creativity, Diversity

Crayola, the mythical art and craft products pencil company is launching a collaboration with cosmetics brand ASOS called Crayola Beauty. The beauty line features 95 vegan, cruelty-free shades. Crayola Beauty is inspired by the brand's spirit of self-expression and personal creativity. Emphasizing inclusivity, the product line is gender fluid, featuring color-change lipsticks, eye palettes, bright highlighters, bold mascaras and an artist-like brush kit.

Is a Zero-Waste Bistro defining the future of food?
KeyWords: Food, Sustainability, Concept

An impressive pop-up restaurant called Zero Waste Bistro just opened in New York. This laboratory of food contemplates themes of waste and sustainability. Like its name suggests, everything in the blue-speckled interior—from walls to table to Artek stools— can be reused or recycled. The space itself is an immaculate example of sustainable design done right. The motto The motto behind this incredible project is "refuse, reduce, reuse, and only as a last resource, recycle."

K-Beauty lines for children and young is too young for Cosmetics?
KeyWords: Beauty, Asia, Skincare, Children

Over the past decade, K-beauty trends – such as the cherub-like flawless-skin baby face and the "no make-up" make-up look that champions glowing skin, pink cheeks and bright pink lips – have become extremely popular in the region. But these trends have now come full circle and are influencing children across Asia. For parents, knowing where to draw the line can be tough, with immense cultural pressure for women to be physically attractive.


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