Fifth Edition
The Latest Trends in Content Strategy
Don't hang out with your parents on your friends In Real Life instead!
Keywords: App, Social Media, Millenials, Addiction

A new app, IRL (short for "In Real life" in Internet linguo), is growing popular with teen users, and is now ranked in the top ten of social media apps. The app gives users a way to easily send, receive and accept invitations to offline activities, whether that's a group workout, a movie date, or just chilling at home. Unlike Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, this app connects users to a known, and safe, inner circle of friends already in their phone contacts.


Chromat sets the standard for Diversity at NY Fashion week!
KeyWords: Fashion, Inclusion, Diversity, Body Image

When it comes to diversity on the runway, fashion month has a long way to go. But Chromat's energetic Fall 2018 show today gave the industry a lesson on what an inclusive runway actually looks like. Founder/designer Becca McCharen-Tran set that goal with her company's first collection and has grown to the point that every model who came down the runway this season was different in some important way. There were no size limitations, no race limitations, no gender limitations, and no medical limitations.

Zara's innovation-packed pop-up store dedicated exclusively to online order!
KeyWords: Retail, Digital, Order, Innovation

Zara just opened its first pop-up store dedicated to online orders and click & collect in London.
The new pop-up store will offer an edited selection of womenswear and menswear for online purchase directly in-store. Customers will have the choice of receiving their orders within the same day, if placed before 2 pm, or the next day if placed after 2 pm. The technology-driven pop-up will also feature an easy-payment system, and focus on innovation to enhance the customer's journey.


Are fembots the new influencers??
KeyWords: Bots, Influencers, Social Media

Last month we told you about Poppy, the android-themed pop star gathering millions of views on YouTube..The fembot, or female-looking bot has long been a pop culture fixation, but now feminized tech is all around us, through the voices of Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft's Cortana. With internet-phenomenon such as Lil Miquela, a computer-animated Instagram model posing as a human being and even Internet stars like Kylie Jenner adopting the cyborg aesthetics, are we seeing the birth of a new global culture merging non-threatening femininity and technology?

Are 'In Vitro'-cultivated Chinese skin cells the future of cosmetics?
KeyWords: Cosmetics, Innovation, Skin, China

Using cutting-edge bioengineering innovation, L'Oreal is developing targeted cosmetics for its Chinese customers. It is the first cosmetic company to develop reconstructed Chinese skin, which contains living cells from donors. The penny-size samples allow researchers to develop anti-aging serums, whitening creams, and pollution-fighting cleansers for customers in the company's fastest-growing market


Spin around the ice dancers..Augmented Reality for the first time in a news story!
KeyWords: A.R, News, New York Times

The New York Times introduced a new augmented reality campaign focused on the Winter Olympics. At key moments in the story, the text fades away to reveal a 3-D image of an athlete or athletes, placed in the room in which the story is being read. Walking around each of the athletes opens up new points of view and informative detail about specific parts of their sport. The campaign makes use of the just-introduced AR capability in the NYT iOS app. It is the first use of A.R in the news!

When wellness and beauty collide..A cosmetic brand launching a line of supplements?
KeyWords: Beauty, Wellness, Supplements, Cosmetics

Avon, the iconic and traditional catalog beauty brand, is launching a line of supplements and daily vitamin packs called Espira. It's yet another move by a big beauty brand to get into the wellness game, and one of the first to get into ingestible beauty. Espira is more than simply ingestibles for hair, skin, and nail health; the brand also has product lines for overall nutritional support as well. The launch of a wellness branch aligns well with the current lived experience of the company's direct sales, social selling representatives.


Only in New York..the world's first Mobile Meditation Studio:
KeyWords: Marketing, Activation, City

The first ever mobile meditation studio hit the street of New York City. The team behind the 'Be Time' project created a space that is quiet, cozy, unexpected and can hold people in their meditation practice while taking a break from busy days. The moving studio will have experienced instructors guiding in person meditation classes at 30 minute intervals.

Catching our eyes
Motion designer John McLaughlin, creator of Fashion Week's Fuzzy Dude
A NYFW GIF spectacle at the cutting edge of fashion photography, engaging the likes of Anna Wintour, and for a good cause: McLaughlin is using his social media-friendly creatures to broadcast a positive message for Champions Against Bullying.
Instanbul-based photographer and digital artist Şakir Yıldırım creates mind-bending photo-manipulated projects for no reason but art. We personally love his latest glitchy works from "Crawler Series".
A bright and innovative approach to short form make up tutorials. Blusherglam's colorful 1 minute make up videos get them high engagement rates from audiences in the USA.