Fourth Edition
The Latest Trends in Content Strategy
Taylor Swift's new app 'The Swift life' will steal away your real life.
Keywords: Celebrity, Social media,

In the midst of a reputational makeover, Taylor Swift is debuting a brand new app called The Swift Life. The app is a dedicated social network for Swift's fans, letting them communicate with each other as well as get exclusive pictures, video, news and more direct from T-Swift herself. Using Swift-related emojis, people can effectively bump other users' posts to alert Taylor that she should take a look at them. It's basically Instagram meets Tumblr meets Pokémon Go.

Burberry turning to Apple for Augmented Reality Fashion App.
KeyWords: A.R, Fashion, App

Burberry has used Apple's augmented reality platform to create a new feature for its mobile app allowing users to virtually add "Burberry-inspired" drawings to their iPhone camera views. The feature, which also lets users post the drawing-enhanced photos to social media, arrives after Burberry launched a new mobile app earlier this year. The Burberry feature uses Apple's AR platform, ARkit. It is part of a new global trend seeing fashion retailers racing to find new ways to engage with big spenders online.

'See now, buy now'..becoming a huge thing in China!
KeyWords: Retail, Digital, e-commerce

The see-now-buy-now runway model has found a fitting audience — not in the U.S. or Europe, but in China. Its new embodiment, called NYFW: Tmall China Day, will launch this February during the men's fall 2018 runway shows in NY. Four Chinese designers and brands were chosen to host runways and showrooms during the official New York Fashion Week schedule. The shows will be instantly shoppable, for customer behavior in China is highly concentrated on mobile, and shoppers are conditioned to buy in the moment, regardless of price.

What (who) is Poppy? Discover the internet weirdest cultural phenomenon.
KeyWords: Influencer, A.I, Millenial

If you never heard of Poppy, it might mean you haven't spent that much time online lately. Poppy is part bubblegum pop star, part performance artist ... and part robot? A 22-year-old YouTube prima donna with more than 200 million views per video, and a pop princess, the artist is the subject of several rumors, including that she might be a robot, a member of the Illuminati, or a pawn subjected to mind control.
Johnson &Johnson debuts Digital Beauty Innovation Group!
KeyWords: Digital, Beauty, Innovation, News

Cosmetics brand were a force to be reckoned with at CES 2018, — the annual mecca for technology and innovation and some were pushing the envelope of innovation forward in unexpected ways. Among the most striking positionings, Johnson & Johnson announced the launch of a digital beauty innovation group focused on harnessing technology to deliver better skincare...the beauty routine is about to get a massive digital makeover.


A machine powered by Happy Thoughts!
KeyWords: Neuro-Marketing, A.I

Apparel brand Life Is Good pours on the power of positive thinking in an unusual stunt that harnesses happy thoughts—well, brainwave patterns, actually—to turn on a tap and fill a glass of water. The device, coined 'Optimism Machine' measures electrical activity in users' brains and sends signals to a faucet's on/off switch. Folks were told to think happy thoughts—a nod to the brand, renowned for its T-shirts emblazoned with smiley faces and uplifting messages—to start the water flowing. This is one of the first use of neuro-science in Marketing activation.
The first cryptocurrency pop of course Japanese!
KeyWords: Digital, Music, Crypto-currency

Just when you thought you were starting to understand crypto-currency and its cultural impact, here is something that might puzzle you: Meet Kasotsuka Shojo (Virtual Currency Girls), a J-pop group where each of the eight girls represents one of the larger digital monetary formats. Fans supposed to cheer for bitcoin or swoon over ethereum, and the whole economy of the band is of course based on virtual currency.


These Adidas sneakers double as Subway passes!
KeyWords: Marketing, Activation, City

Adidas just released a limited edition of 500 pairs of the new EQT Support 93/Berlin shoe – an unlikely collaboration between the brand and BVG, the city's transport company.

The shoes, which feature the same camouflage pattern used on the city's train seats, double up as an annual transit pass. It's embedded in the tongues of the trainers, which are styled as a fabric version of the BVG annual ticket, and can be used just like a regular ticket covering the bus, tram and underground

Catching our eyes
A millennial image maker, part popular and part refined, with wide online popularity. In 2016 he participated in the Tribeca Film Festival in New York with work realized for the premiere of the movie "The bomb" by Smriti Keshari & Eric Schlosser.
Aurélien Heilbronn is a filmmaker living between New York and Paris. He has created campaigns and videos for brands such as Chanel, Audi, Victoria's Secret, Maybelline and Anthropologie.

His 2017 documentary Street Racers, an intimate portrait of the illegal bike-racing world in Dominican Republic was met with overwhelming acclaim.

The artist and her artwork have been featured in publications such as Teen Vogue, Glamour Italia, Glamour Espana, Teeth, Citizen Brooklyn, and IL Fotografo. Together, Libby and Phoebe are the subjects of a modern-style docuseries that will provide a one-of-a-kind perspective on the quintessential artist's experience. The docuseries is being produced by Canobie Films and is scheduled for release during the winter of 2017/2018.