Second Edition
The Latest Trends in Content Strategy
Korean Beauty Products, Designed-for-Instagram Retail, and Forever 21 filiation. How can this go wrong?
KeyWords: Retail, Instagram, Millenials

Capitalizing on the Korean Beauty Products Trend, the daughters of Forever 21 founders decided to start a new retail project, which started this fall: Riley Rose. Conceived as a beauty and life-style emporium, it endeavors to make millennial and Generation Z consumers look away from their mobile devices.

Mixing giant selfie wall, hard-to-find Korean creams or face masks, Hello Kitty matcha marshmallows, and cute embroidered fashion items, the L.A store (the first of a series of 9 to open by the end of the year) is the ultimate millennial take on retail experience.


The first ever Augmented Reality Ad campaign on Mobile... might free brands from Snapchat's filter monopoly!
KeyWords: Format, Trends, Advertising

Augmented reality ads are breaking out of messaging apps and coming to the mobile web in a new campaign from movie studio Lionsgate. The film studio has created an animated selfie filter that's much like a Snapchat lens to promote the new movie "Jigsaw," the latest installation in the "Saw" franchise, and is distributing it with an ad buy across the mobile web.

From 3-D printed meatballs to home-grown Urban Farming : Ikea open-source innovation laboratory is prototyping the future!
KeyWords: Prospective, Trends, AI

Founded in November 2015 as an external think-tank for IKEA, SPACE 10 is a Copenhagen research lab dedicated to exploring how humankind might live in the next few decades. The lab delves into realistic possible futures for our society and make them open-source, with plans and research material made available online to anyone wishing to take the exploration further.

YeaY! Or how mixing content, social network and purchase for Millennials...could give birth to the social media platform of the year!!
Keywords: App, Millennial, Technology

Yeay is a new mobile shopping platform, which aims to capitalize by merging two growing factors: the spending power of Gen Z and the proliferation of video. Similar to, Yeay allows users to post short video clips shared through an app interface. The difference is that individuals use videos to sell products. Unlike Snapchat, Yeay content is not ephemeral, but lives on the app until a purchase is made. Items can be bought directly through the app.

The rebranding of a traditional american make-up band: diversity, activism and empowerment!
Content Creation, Brand, Activism

Covergirl, best known for its iconic tagline of the late '90s: "Easy, breezy, beautiful Covergirl." announced last month that they had tapped HBO star Issa Rae as their latest ambassador. The actress' spot in the cosmetic brand's new ad is part of a larger mission to rebrand Covergirl, which latest campaign include Katy Perry, a TV chef, a motorcycle racer and a fitness guru. Diversity, activism and empowerment are at the center of the brand's repositioning, while paying homage to literary great Toni Morrison with the hashtag #IAmWhatIMakeUp.
A.I in digital advertising...can help boosting your sales!
KeyWords: Technology, A.I, Advertising

Texas-based retailer Gallery Furniture has worked with an AI platform to run A/B testing of dynamic ads targeting to serve advertising units based on people's traits gleaned from data. The A.I platform was also used to adjust the brand's search engine marketing spend in real time. This is quite a new use of artificial intelligence that completes the traditional human-powered media buying process.


When 'cool kids' tell a luxury house what to do and not to do...Gucci's 'shadow committee' of millennials.
KeyWords: Content, Millennials, Brand

Since Alessandro Michele was unexpectedly named Gucci's Creative Director, the brand proceeded to put in place a certain number of radical changes within its organization. One of is most surprising innovation in 2017 is the creation of a "shadow committee" of young people which gives the CEO and the Creative Director a different perspective than his normal circle of top executives at Gucci. This committee is involved and consulted in every major decision from production to retail and marketing and has given way to recent major business moves involving the whole company.

Tailoring a product to the unique personality of 6 cities... Adidas new project 'SpeedFactory!'
KeyWords: Production, Innovation, Customers

Adidas' new revolutionary Production facility, Speedfactory aims to completely revolutionize how adidas creates by allowing the brand to tailor designs to local consumers in six cities. As well as providing a means to create products that are unique to the fit and function of its audience, this new method of production allows adidas to push the boundaries of how quickly an idea can materialize and be placed "on the shelf''.


Catching our eyes
We fell in love with this incredible music video, signed by the young highly-gifted french directors Virgile Texier and Guillaume Cagnard. To be of course viewed preferentially on a mobile phone, it crystallizes all the characteristics of the millennial generation: the pervasiveness of social media in our lives and the fragility of the coming of age period in an hyper-connected world.

The use of the vertical video format and the impeccable direction brings in a very clever take on technology and intimacy...

Euphrates is a Japanese collective of artists, researchers, and designers led by Masahiko Sato at Keio university. Their short film 'ballet rotoscope' traces the lines and curves of the dancer's body as she moves.shapes and geometries that follow the dance trajectory become abstract animations, each generated by mathematical methods. These independently-moving lines were created by connecting the movement of ballerina's joints, using a computer-based algorithm to find and outline her specific movements within the space. The result is an astonishing mix of mathematics and poetry!

Marius Sperlich's (@mariussperlich) work is a tour de force of creativity, imagination and technical skill. Obsessed with how photography triggers our imagination, he shows the human body from an unusually close perspective. Unleashing a raw erotic power, the Berlin-based photographer's images redefine extreme close-up.

Featuring alluring and vivid red hues, the artist zeroes in on women's features in his photos, capturing fine details of the female physique. Women aren't Sperlich's sole subjects. He uses objects such as pearls and other miniature props to bring intimate and coquettish visuals to life.

Berlin-based artist and motion designer Olivier Latta (A.K.A Extraweg) works with both static and moving forms of design and artistic expression. His mesmerizing world brings together typographic experiment, weird physicality, abstract visual poetry and surrealism! Translating his own daily situations and experiences into surrealistic scenes, he allows each viewer to question their own reality through his gravity and material-defying plastic beings.