19th Edition
The Latest Trends in Content Strategy
Celebrity Doctor Deepak Choprah coming to you as an AI chatbot!
KeyWords: AI, DeepFake, Health, Avatar

World-renowned, doctor, writer and teacher Dr. Deepak Chopra has partnered with The AI Foundation to create an advanced, totally personalized Artificial Intelligence of Dr. Chopra called Digital Deepak. Joined by their missions to "harness the power of human potential and create a better future", Dr. Chopra and the AI Foundation have trained Digital Deepak to have personal, one-on-one conversations with people around the world


Are TikTok celebrities the next frontier for luxury brands?
KeyWords: TikTok, Influencers, Social media, Luxury

Luxury fashion brand Celine typically builds marketing campaigns around celebrities like the acclaimed novelist Joan Didion and the actress Margaret Qualley. The French fashion house lately went in a different direction, casting 18-year-old TikTok influencer Noen Eubanks as its newest face. Celine posted the latest campaign on its Instagram, identifying Eubanks as a "teen idol" rather than a "TikTok" star... The move is another sign that fashion is diving deeper into the viral world of TikTok.

Engaging audience through Serial Storytelling
KeyWords: Serial Storytelling, Podcast, Brands

Digital content company Serial Box stands out among today's publishers by giving a time-tested format a modern-day spin. The company produces serial fiction that's structured like TV seasons and available in both audio and written format — letting audiences switch between reading and listening whenever they want.


A new luxury platform by Amazon?
KeyWords: Luxury, Platform, Amazon

Amazon plans to launch a new global luxury platform via a concession model, which is like a physical department store, where brands operate somewhat independently within the overall structure, controlling how they market and sell their products. Amazon wants to start testing the waters in the US market in early 2020.

Are brands finally getting past the wall of sound?
KeyWords: Brands, Sound, Engagement

And if Sound was the last frontier for brands? From finance to fashion, companies across industries are creating bespoke sounds to reinforce their brand identities and forge multidimensional connections with today's consumers.


How Brands are taking a 23andMe approach to beauty
KeyWords: Beauty, DNA, Testing, personalized, Brands

Services such as 23andMe have democratized DNA testing, and consumers are looking for new ways to integrate genetic analysis into their daily routines, revolutionizing everything from diets to beauty habits. Taking note of this trend, luxury skincare brands are now diving into DNA analysis for the ultimate in bespoke beauty.

Does the "E" in CES now stands for experience?
KeyWords: C.E.S, Experience, Brands

Over the past years, as tech companies have evolved into lifestyle brands, the E in CES has increasingly come to stand for "experience" rather than "electronics." Samsung Electronics reinforced this sentiment in the opening keynote this year by announcing the "Age of Experience", at a time where 74% of Americans say they value experiences over products.


Catching our eyes
NY based artist that combines traditional graphic design elements with photography, art, and styling to create utterly unique visuals.
An illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York whose long shaped figurines drenched in today's occupations are becoming a signature of the NY Times.
A visual designer at &Walsh, New York. She has previously worked with Pentagram and the Think Tank Team at Samsung Research America.
Berlin based artist specialized in large wall productions and installations. Bright colors in contrast with earthy tones in the style of old masters give expression, intensity and dynamism to the spaces he touches.