17th Edition
The Latest Trends in Content Strategy
Rihanna takes New York Fashion Week into the streaming age
KeyWords: Fashion, Streaming, Rihanna, Fashion Week

Rihanna's designer lingerie show was the talk of New York Fashion Week - but the A-list guests were banned from using their phones after Amazon Prime Video won the exclusive rights to stream it. The designer's goal was focusing attention back on the catwalk rather than the rich and famous onlookers, while creating a radical departure from tradition thanks to this technological partnership.


An artificial skin providing haptic feedback could let you feel VR!
KeyWords: VR, Haptic, Skin

Scientists have developed a soft artificial skin that provides haptic feedback and could be used to help users of virtual reality feel their surroundings. The artificial skin is made up of silicone and electrodes, and thanks to a sophisticated self-sensing mechanism, has the potential to instantaneously adapt to a wearer's movements.

A synesthetic reality experiment inside Chelsea Market in NYC!
KeyWords: Experiment, Immersive, Machine Learning, Algorithms

'Machine Hallucination' is an immersive digital art exhibition is situated in NYC Chelsea Market's historic boiler room — a 6,000-square-foot subterranean gallery space beneath the market's main concourse, which serves as a destination for cutting-edge and experiential exhibitions. It is the first Art Exhibition in a Retail Space to make use of artificial intelligence. Created with algorithms that found and processed hundreds of millions of images of New York City, Machine Hallucination is a buzzing, immersive audiovisual piece.


P&G reinvents their Marketing, using Global Activism.
KeyWords: Activism, Branded Content, FMCG

It's not product placement. It's not sponsored content. It's prestige television. Activate, a six-part documentary series produced and co-conceived by Procter and Gamble that premiered on National Geographic Channel, features celebrities such as music producer Pharrell Williams, rapper Common and highlights the work of grassroots activists ending cash bail, eradicating plastic pollution, and more. Is this sort of storytelling the future of the "Brand as Media" trend we recently saw emerging?

Enhance your wellbeing with this collection of smart devices!
KeyWords: IoT, Devices, Wellness

Layer and Panasonic have designed a range of near-future product concepts, including a smart head massaging device and an AI-powered skin analysis that makes personalized, nutritious smoothies in response to the results. Called Balance of Being, the collection comprises six designs that use technology to enhance everyday rituals, in order to encourage more meaningful engagements with products and promote well-being in the home


E.l.f. Cosmetics launches 1st TikTok hashtag challenge featuring original song.
KeyWords: Beauty, TikTok, Hashtags

E.l.f (which stands for Eyes Lips Face) Cosmetics launched a hashtag challenge on TikTok. The #eyeslipsface is the first branded hashtag challenge on the platform to feature an original song. The hashtag challenge includes a one-day branded takeover of TikTok, along with additional media, influencer outreach and TikTok content creation.

Oculus Introduces Social Virtual Reality World.
KeyWords: VR, Social Network, Oculus, Facebook

Facebook's Oculus virtual reality unit just announced the launch of Facebook Horizon, which was described as "an interconnected and ever-expanding social VR world where people can explore new places, play games and build communities.


A Retail Space based on your mood..inside Puma's new "Endorphin Store" in London.
KeyWords: Retail, Endorphin, Data, Mood

German sportswear company Puma has opened a new pop-up store at Protein Studio in London's trendy Shoreditch neighborhood. Called the Puma Endorphin Store, its concept is to prescribe playful interactive experiences to naturally boost mental and physical health whilst experiencing the versatility of the new Puma LQD CELL trainer in a fun and credible way - in other words, swapping calories with endorphins and boosting mental health alongside physical health.

Catching our eyes
An independent artist & creative based in New York, known for her vibrant and highly graphical image-making across mediums in digital, spatial and motion spaces. Beyond her collaborations creating unique experiences with clients in music, fashion, technology, including Adidas, Samsung, New Yorker, Dr Martens. She enjoys projects around cultural identity, sexuality, the modern creative process and analytical commentaries on social stereotypes.
A French artist who recently collaborated with Instagram to create facial filters , with a passion for augmented reality. The creative, while also a full timer at Antoni Garage GmbH (the Mercedes-Benz advertising agency) is a lover of photography and sci-fi cinema and is convinced that AR is the last of the visual arts to be able to express and enhance the maximum human beauty.
Rather than representing Hong Kong as a dense and chaotic concrete jungle, on the scale of its multitude of skyscrapers, Kit Chak counters preconceived ideas and immerses us in new urban perspectives. This pop photographer gives you a complete new view of Hong Kong.
After the success of the Kim Moji (Yes, Kim Kardashian Emoji App), here comes the Frida Moji. An app that allows you to express yourself through the painter's wide range of self portraits, re-imagined.