15th Edition
The Latest Trends in Content Strategy
The birth of Gif-iti..street art only seeable thru an app!
KeyWords: Street, AR, Graffiti, App

'How are we spending our time? Are we over-relying on technology? Are we in pursuit of unnecessary perfection?' These are the timely questions posed by street artist INSA in regards to his latest 'GIF-iti' mural in london. On the façade of the truman brewery in East London, the muralist added his signature animated painting technique — gif-iti — which, paradoxically, is street art that is only viewable online or through an app.


How Crocs leveraged User-generated content to capitalize on its GenZ fanbase
KeyWords: User-Generated Content, Millennials, Fashion

Of all the "uncool" brands that have recently made their way into the cultural zeitgeist, Crocs is among the most unexpected. The brand primarily known for comfortable clogs often sported by older suburbanites has managed to gain appeal among hip young consumers, but in order to do this, Crocs turned to user-generated content. Since 2018, Crocs has run 15 UGC campaigns, working with more than 170 creators, and generating 225 images and videos.

This handbag can call you an Uber (and find your phone)
KeyWords: Internet of things, Connected Device, Bags, Luxury

Today, a new line of bags drops from a startup called Bee & Kin. These colorful leather bags are equipped with "smart buttons" that you can program to do a range of tasks, from calling an Uber to launching a playlist to locating your phone.


Pokemon wants to put you to sleep!
KeyWords: Gamification, Digital, Sleep, Japan

In 2016, Pokémon Go transformed the morning commute for millions of people into a critter-hunting safari, populating the ordinary world with a reality-augmented menagerie. Now its creators hope to do the same to the nightly snooze. The Japanese franchise planned to release a new game called Pokémon Sleep aimed at nothing less than taking the world of video games into dreamland. The concept of this game is for players to look forward to waking up every morning. In other words, Pokémon Sleep would find ways to "reward good sleep habits."

Farfetch launches Community initiative with Gucci to compensate weak brand awereness
KeyWords: Community, Brand Awareness, Fashion

Farfetch draws customers with its seemingly endless selection of handbags, clothes and shoes. Now it's betting original content will entice more of them to come back.
The company just launched Farfetch Communities, giving shoppers access to content from the likes of Chloë Sevigny and Adwoa Aboah. The online marketplace's latest gambit involves exclusive content from fashion houses, starting with Gucci.


How Nike and Virgil Abloh partner to channel a city's creative powers
KeyWords: Design, Creativity, Cities, Nike, Abloh, Streetwear

NIKE and Virgil Abloh have again joined forces to launch a new venue at the heart of Chicago, designed to empower the city's youth. Officially titled the 'NikeLab Chicago re-creation center c/o Virgil Abloh', or the 're-creation center' for short, the destination intends to spark creativity through workshops, giveback programs, exclusive product, and local influential forces. Conceived as a future iteration of the retail environment, the venue seeks to engage in the physical and cultural energy of Chicago to make the city, and the world, better through sport.

Are female athletes the new influencers?
KeyWords: Influencers, Sport, Women, Social Media

Social media has changed the way we consume everything, including sports. We can now follow our favorite athletes on Instagram, stay up-to-date with their training routines, and even what they are wearing. This is particularly handy for those of us that like to pretend to also be athletic, as evidenced by the rise in "athleisure" sales, is a large number. As interest in women's sports continues to rise, emerging athletes are taking to social media to develop their brand and inspire others to get involved in sports.


How North Face pulled off an incredible Wikipedia Marketing Stunt
KeyWords: Wikipedia, Hacking, SEO

The North Face pulled off a polarizing marketing stunt when it updated the Wikipedia pages of some of the world's most iconic adventure destinations.The brand replaced the original images of sites with its own pictures of athletes wearing the brand's gear. The beauty of this move was that it meant the brand would consistently appear in the top of Google image search results when potential adventure travelers googled their next destination. It's this kind of customer that the label is looking to target.

Catching our eyes
This California based content creator has swept away many instagram hearts due to the unique nature of her collages and patterns.
Ghost towns, urban graphic parties and gigantic sculptures, thus is the fascinating work of this rising motion star.
This animation studio is pushing the limits of visual patterns through its mission of illustrating scientific discovers, and catching the eye of artists on the internet in the meantime.
Use the 'baby filter' on famous paintings? Mix the kissing sailor with Gustav Klimt? Why not. His specialty is making noise on the internet.