14th Edition
The Latest Trends in Content Strategy

Airbnb creating its own original content shows!
KeyWords: Branded Content, TV, Media

In another striking example as Brand developing itself as media, Airbnb is looking into building its own TV studio to produce short films, documentaries, and shows that it can use to promote travel and, by extension, its platform. The services would allow the hospitality giant to distinguish itself from Booking.com, Expedia and others in the fiercely competitive and consolidating travel industry

A cosmetic brand breaking up with Social Media!
KeyWords: Cosmetics, Social Media, DTC

In a striking move, beauty brand Lush announced it will be shutting down its UK social media channels and will only communicate with customers directly (via live chat, email, and its website). Is this a trend that we will see more companies embrace in the future?


A beauty brand getting its data at the source!
KeyWords: Beauty, Data, Customer

Shiseido became the world's first multinational beauty company to set up a dedicated office next to Alibaba's headquarters in Hangzhou. Housing 20 Shiseido employees, the office will tighten its collaboration with Tmall (Alibaba's B2C marketplace). This will allow Shiseido to quickly react to Tmall big data and consumer insights for product development, marketing and e-commerce. Their first co-developed products – Aquair shampoo and essential oils – will be sold exclusively on Tmall in September.

When a fashion publisher launch a branded Gym mixing fitness and content..
KeyWords: Fitness, Wellness, Content, Brand

To diversify revenue away from media models reliant on advertising, female-focused U.K. publisher The Stylist Group has opened a fitness studio in London, called Stylist Strong, to focus on strength training programs and events, which comes alongside a content platform on the practical and psychological elements to strength training.


The New era of High Fashion and Video Games collaboration
KeyWords: High Fashion, Video Game, Avatar

Thanks to unique partnership between Electronic Arts and the Italian designer Moschino, Couture-minded fans among popular video game The Sims' 80 million-plus players can wear the exact branded sweatshirt as their avatar while playing the life-simulation video game. But while a Sim—or virtual human—can don the luxury pullover free of charge as they run errands or stop by the office, breathing video game fashionistas will have to shell out $595 to buy the real, rather than virtual, hoodie.

Sushi singularity: a Tokyo restaurant will serve 3D-printed sushi based on customer's saliva and urine
KeyWords: Hospitality, Singularity, 3D- Print

A japanese company is fusing science and sushi to create nutrient-rich foods based on individual requirements. Open meals wants to create 3D-printed sushi by analyzing the saliva, urine and stool of diners so that every piece is tailored to their needs. The concept envisions a restaurant that employs a system of robotic arms and 3D printers that are fed with biodata to create the sushi.


Get hired in Japan thanks to your (visual) originality!
KeyWords: HR, Personalities, Original

Japan's Isehan Group recently ran its 'Face Hiring' initiative, aimed at those applying to its 2020 graduate recruitment season. However the initiative isn't what you might think. This wasn't an effort by the cosmetics company to recruit based on attractiveness, but a campaign to encourage job seekers to come in clothes, hairstyles and makeup that reflect their real personalities.

'Space Billboards'..your brand advertised through a constellation!
KeyWords: Space, Brands, Advertising, Start-ups

A russian startup called 'startrocket' wants to offer brands the chance to reflect their logos and other communications from space. Paying clients can create their own 'orbital billboard' using a series of reflective satellites known as 'cubesats' to project enormous advertisements in the night sky.


Catching our eyes
Most recently, her #arthacks on Instagram were shortlisted for the International Digital Sculpture price, and several of these hacks have gone viral on top art channels on social media with millions of views.
Surrealist artist David Steinbeck creates a world filled with Neon and beautiful
Indig0 – Digital Wabi Sabi
Fusing the limits between dream land and reality, Indigo's specialty is hacking his art unto other people's picture and thus adding magic to their world.
PUSSYKREW is currently a member of New Inc, the art, technology and design incubator founded by the New Museum of New York and artists in residence at Adobe, immersive media research residency.