13th Edition
The Latest Trends in Content Strategy

A beauty brand building its own content studio!
KeyWords: Beauty, In-house, Content, Media

Avon, the international beauty company announced the creation of its first in-house content studio. The studio, which is meant to better educate the company's nearly 6 million representatives across the globe, will go live in March as a part of AvonWorldwide.com. It aims to offer every year 12,000 pieces of content, including images, videos and GIFs, to its active representative workforce, that they call "beauty entrepreneurs".

The first virtually shoppable "Google Maps"
KeyWords: Fashion, Shoppable, Virtual, Map

Fred Perry and Raf Simons are promoting their newest collaboration by inviting customers to view and shop the collection through a virtual map featuring a suburban town.
Similar to Google's Street View platform, the map features models walking through a nondescript coastal town, captured mid-movement as if oblivious to the presence of a camera.
Clicking a model will reveal what garment they are wearing, and leads customers to an e-commerce page to complete purchase.


How to market a country..with a WeChat Program!
KeyWords: WeChat, Travel, Chinese Market, Scotland

VisitScotland, the country official tourism agency launched a new WeChat mini-program during the Lunar New Year—a platform aimed at engaging young, affluent Chinese visitors in an impactful and modern way. The theory is that highlighting outdoor activities and nature could distinguish Scotland as a healthy tourist destination that's free of the pollution and traffic problems often associated with large Chinese cities.


Facebook can now make avatar look and move like you!
KeyWords: Facebook, Virtual, Avatar

In a stunning announcement, Facebook Reality Labs just revealed it created 'Codec Avatars', using what they call "groundbreaking 3D capture technology and AI systems" to generate lifelike virtual avatars that could provide the basis of a quick and easy personal avatar creator of the future. Will Facebook succeed in closing physical distances and make creating social connections in virtual reality as natural and common as those in the real world?

Will branded Instagram stories be the next big thing? Tommy Hilfiger thinks so..
KeyWords: Fashion, Instagram, Stories

Fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger partnered with mobile app Unfold on an Instagram Stories template collection. The collection, called Unfold & Tommy, lets people incorporate the templates and other digital decorative tools into their Stories on the social platform. Unfold's 16 million users can upload their photos and videos into the featured designs, and use text and color tools to customize their post for Instagram Stories.


Can your refrigerator improve your love life?
KeyWords: Digital, Life, Dating, Fridge

Electronics giant Samsung has launched a dating app called "Refrigerdating" that runs on smart refrigerators — and connects eligible singles based on the compatibility of their food choices. The app is available on the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator, which costs $4,000 — so even if the food algorithm isn't perfect, Refrigerdating will at least connect mates in the same socio-economic sector.

Can Influencer Marketing become more transparent?
KeyWords: Influencer, Marketing, Paid, Ads

Instagram has revealed it is working on a new ad format that will allow brands to sponsor influencers' posts and then promote them as if they were their own ad. As influencer marketing becomes more important to Instagram's ad revenue, the move signals an effort to make the ad buying process more transparent. Instagram's new "Branded content ads" would formalise the existing paid promotion process for brands and influencers.


Inside the first cosmetic interactive center
KeyWords: Cosmetics, Experiential, Store, China

MAC Cosmetics China has entered the 'new retail' space with the launch of its experience center integrating both online and offline brand experiences. The center blends product discovery, social engagement and purchase into an immersive journey, making it one of the more sophisticated interactive retail experiences in the cosmetics category in China.

Catching our eyes
Ofir started his craft adding animations to his and his friends' skateboard stunts. He's become a reference in the hip hop world with his hyper creativity amplifying dance moves and swag.
Pelle has caught our eye for getting the hang of composite photographs in sports and urban fields. His work is starting to make some noise and be displayed in museums across the East Coast.
This Madrid based interior design studio is ran by former business executive Patricia Bustos, who is a Painter and Furniture designer by vocation.
Istanbul based Emre Cebeci knows how to mix and match digital emotions with our daily lives, and images that have shaped our history