12th Edition
The Latest Trends in Content Strategy

A live concert gathering 10 million people..in a video game!
KeyWords: Game, Fortnite, Virtual, Gathering, Experience

If you have never heard of 'Fortnite', now is a good time to dive into it..the massively popular video game, which has over 200 million players around the world, just hosted virtually a live concert by a well known electronic music producer. The show gathered more than 10 million people and was a peek at what an AR- and VR-suffused future looks like: connected congregations of embodied avatars, in mass-scale events that still manage to feel personal.

Let Millenials take entire control of your campaign!
KeyWords: Gen Z, Marketing, Creative Control

American Eagle is taking the consumer focus group to a whole new level, enlisting a number of Gen Z customers to star in the brand's latest marketing effort. But wait—there's more. The brand turned over full creative control to these Gen Z shoppers, giving them the freedom to style and shoot themselves for American Eagle's Spring '19 campaign!


A Fashion week dinner with an A.I attendee!
KeyWords: A.I, Experiential Marketing, Interaction

NY-based label Rag & Bone explored the relationship between AI and humankind with a fashion week dinner featuring an artificial intelligence system as a special guest. Titled "A Last Supper" the dinner saw guests sitting around a U-shaped table while having their conversations and actions filmed and analyzed by a number of cameras. This was then fed in real-time into an AI system, referred to as "Distinguished Guest."

Fresh Meat..deconstructing beauty standards!
KeyWords: Beauty, Social Media, Photography,

A stunning photo series, Fresh Meat assesses the line between "what is beautiful and what is ugly". The models packaged here — smeared their faces against plastic wrap while photography duo, SHSadler, captured their disconcerting expressions in an attempt to challenge the world of social pressure and save future generations from the hours we waste sifting through filters.
Beauty isn't what we're told it is.


Brand as a Media: Balmain creating an app for people to democratize high fashion
KeyWords: Brand, Media, Application, Fashion

Luxury label Balmain has released an app that aims to give consumers more access to the brand's universe. The app will allow users to engage with the brand in a multitude of different ways and is conceived as a way to connect with the next generation, with new customers, with a segment of customers that are close to the brand, in a push to drive to democratize access to high fashion and make it more inclusive.

Mobile Game meets Beauty Brand!
KeyWords: Mobile, Beauty, Gamification

The extremely popular Tencent mobile game "Honor of Kings" and high-end cosmetics brand M.A.C. released five co-branded limited-edition lipsticks that were available on Tmall, the M.A.C. website, and a WeChat mini-program.

It's a rare case of the mobile game meets cosmetics brand. And it proves that a partnership may not have to make sense to everyone if it generates sales.


Get ready for "Digisexuality"!
KeyWords: Sex, Technology, Society, Change

Sex as we know it is about to change. We know technologies have transformed the way we relate to each other in our intimate relationships. But a second wave of sexual technologies is now starting to appear, and are transforming how some people view their very sexual identity.

A new kind of people, named "digisexuals", are turning to advanced technologies, such as robots, virtual reality (VR) environments and feedback devices known as teledildonics, to take the place of human partners.

Is the future of luxury shopping on Whatsapp?
KeyWords: Luxury, App, Texting, Millenials, Shopping

Many people won't understand Threads Styling. Is it an app? No. Is it an online store? Not really. The London-based fashion start-up, which sells to 100 countries, is the pioneer of chat commerce in the luxury retail space.

Instead of browsing a website, adding your chosen items to a basket, and then going through the process of typing in your card details before checking out, the app let you simply … talk to someone.


Catching our eyes
Award winning Illustrator & Animator Rachel Ryle is a social media maven of sorts. Rachel has turned her IG stream into a collection of art & quirky stop motion animations. In only 15 seconds her short story animations are bound to leave a smile on your face.
Her work has been published in Vogue China, RIKA, SSAW, The Gentlewoman, and T Magazine, amongst others.
If you want to shock, to misbehave, to provoque, in an utterly tasteful way, this Brooklyn base studio called MSCHF is taking on serious brand collaborations, and creating a lot of noise along the way. Like faking nightlife posts for you while you're secretly sleeping at home, with Casper mattress.
A NY studio of artists, designers and producers that create experiences for brands, organizations and human beings