11th Edition
The Latest Trends in Content Strategy

Beauty-Tech Innovations stealing the show at this year's C.E.S!
KeyWords: Beauty, Tech, C.E.S, Augmented Reality

There's always plenty to see at Tech's annual Las Vegas, mega-insane Consumer Electronics Show, but this year's event has really astonished us with stunning tech from the beauty sector: Among them, Coty unveiled an AR 'smart' mirror to try out hair colors, Neutrogena showed off personalized face masks using 3D technology, and L'Oréal launched a wearable prototype that detects skin pH levels.

After virtual influencers, are "virtual avatars" the next frontier for luxury brands in China?
KeyWords: Avatars, Social Media, Brands, Luxury

Virtual influencers – computer generated brand ambassadors programmed with their own styles and opinions – aren't new to luxury brands. But what if the thousands of fans of these luxury labels could all become virtual influencers for them? In China, thanks to a hugely popular new 3D avatar app called Zepeto, that kind of consumer engagement (and the free marketing that comes with it) is no longer simply a fantasy.


Dive into Tommy Hilfiger's highly clever new Facebook experience!
KeyWords: Shoppable content, Facebook, Experience

Fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger unveiled SideFlix, a new Facebook Messenger experience that enables it to combine digital shoppable content with in-person social interactions. Messenger users can click a link to activate SideFlix, after which they will be guided through an onboarding phase and then prompted to use the messaging app to invite friends to take part. The more friends who join and physically place their phones together, the more exclusive digital content is unveiled!

Nike's huge flagship store looks like the future of retail!
KeyWords: Brand, Retail, Experience, Digital

Nike's new flagship store in New York City aims to change the way we think about retail by making shopping in a physical store as convenient as shopping online. The six-floor, 68,000-square-foot store, contains two customization studios, one-on-one shoe consultation, and the sneaker center, which has displays showing how shoes are designed, prototyped, and built. But the store was also designed for those of us who prize convenience above all else.


When Volvo teams up with Lego and ask children to design their next vehicle model!
KeyWords: Brand, Partnerships, Children

A real car designed by children? Through a Lego prototype? This Volvo-Lego collaboration is just the latest somewhat-unexpected partnership unlocking exciting new perspectives and a creative way to reach new audiences, even if it means committing a little heritage heresy along the way..

When a beauty brand uses a superfan to become its face!
KeyWords: Beauty, Fan

When the British beauty brand Lush heard of a US superfan who regularly flew to the UK just to stock up on Lush products, they hired her. And made her the star of a campaign. Epic proof to all customers that they care. And a great way to show the brand's values.


Is SMS Marketing the trendiest thing right now?
KeyWords: Skincare, Technology, China, Millenial

Retailers are paring down shopping to the basics, harnessing the ease and familiarity of SMS to deliver simple, personalized purchasing experiences to consumers on the move. With texting capabilities expanding to easily send everything from gifs to music, text commerce appeals to the consumer's comfort and shortens the path to purchase. Could this twist on a decades-old method of communication threaten Amazon's modern e-commerce model?

The future is extra-terrestrial: how a chinese fashion designer is sending genetically-modified models on the runway!
KeyWords: Fashion, Strange Beauty

Chinese Designer Xander Zhou's last runway collection presented what the creator described as the phase two of his Supernatural, Extraterrestrial & Co's exploration of human evolution. The stunning show offered a glimpse of what the future might look like for our species, as AI technology develops rapidly and the idea of genetically engineered people living among us becomes less a question of if and more a question of when.


Catching our eyes
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