10th Edition
The Latest Trends in Content Strategy

Reebok is building an in-house influencer's team!
KeyWords: Influencers, Social Media, Organization

Reebok is in the process of building an internal team dedicated to bridging the gap between its marketing team and digital influencers. The brand created a specific department to "really centralise efforts for digital influencerspeople who make their living off the internet", that will allow it to juggle with bloggers, vloggers and Instagram personalities between its celebrity-focused entertainment team and athlete-focused partnerships team.

A fashion collection entirely built by teens!
KeyWords: Fashion, Gen Z, Diversity, Inclusion

The fashion brand ASOS is taking their message of inclusivity one step further this week, launching a new brand that they are calling "the ultimate youth label."
"Collusion" is a collection built by a rotating roster of teens that the brand hopes will forever change the design process.The breakout campaign for the brand's launch features 100 subjects who were all born in the year 2000. Together, the teens span an array of cultures, races, religions, and socioeconomic statuses..to create quite a unique statement for a brand!


Discover ZeroBnB, the sustainable and subversive challenge to Airbnb
KeyWords: Sustainability, Travel, Renewable

Airbnb, the world's biggest accommodation-sharing site, has advanced sustainable tourism, but the demand for more ecological travel is growing. Whilst the site features categories such as 'Plus' and 'Family', it is missing something essential: a category for sustainable accommodation. Hoping to gently provoke Airbnb, Neste, the world's leading producer of renewable diesel, is introducing Zerobnb.com. It is a site where people can list sustainable alternatives for holiday accommodation. The site will be live only until Airbnb creates a category of their own.

When a make-up brand fights Cyberbullying!
KeyWords: Diversity, Inclusion, Bullying

Last month Rimmel launched #IWILLNOTBEDELETED, a campaign to fight cyberbullying. The Coty-owned makeup brand surveyed over 11,000 women aged 16-25 across 10 countries, and found that 1 in 4 have experienced cyberbullying. The brand is partnering with the Cybersmile Foundation to create an AI-powered virtual assistant.The tool will guide users to approved local resources and organizations that can help those facing cyberbullying.


Artificial Intelligence: The new Revolution for Fragrance?
KeyWords: A.I, Fragrance, Personalization

IBM and flavor and fragrances producer Symrise have paired up to create an artificially intelligent computer that can act as a modern perfumer. Dubbed "Philyra," the AI can create new scents for home products, fine fragrance and personal care products, like lotion and face wash, by the analyzing over 1.9 million digitally archived formulas Symrise has created for clients, as well as thousands of raw ingredients across different markets.

Retail is now ready for Visual search!
KeyWords: Retail, A.I, Visual Recognition

How can you find a product in a store that offers thousands of references? Visual search could be the answer! In 2018, about 1 billion visual searches happen per month all platforms included. That's a tiny fraction of overall search, which renders hundreds of billions of queries per month, but it's growing. On Pinterest, monthly visual searches went from 250 million per month in February 2017 to 600 million per month in February 2018. But retailers are developing the technology more and more and we are on the brink of a proper revolution for customers.


Meet the asian "Skintellectuals" using "black technology"!
KeyWords: Skincare, Technology, China, Millenial

The well-known 10-step Korean skincare routine is now an established beauty ritual in Western countries, but to Chinese millennials, skincare routines that spread layers over layers of creams on the face have become passé. Instead, they're turning to a mysterious and futuristic science to transform their appearance that's known cryptically as "Black tech".It involves technologies such as radio frequency, LED light, micro electric current, and T-sonic pulsation— common topics among this generation of "skintellectuals".

Book a flight to your next holidays thanks to an Instagram pic!
KeyWords: Visual Recognition, Flight, Travel

Earlier this month, budget airline EasyJet added a 'Look & Book' feature to its app. Customers can upload an image — Instagram images work best due to its geotagging data — and the airline will scan the image and enable the user to book a flight to the nearest airport. Currently the feature only works with European destinations.

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