"We realized that, for years and years, we were primarily selling lotions and creams, basically products in a jar or in a bottle. But with today's technology, we are able to bring new services to our consumers and offer full services that go beyond the jar. That's why we decided to create the digital beauty innovation group" Johnson & Johnson's president of global beauty Sebastien Guillon

As a first example, Johnson & Johnson's subsidiary Neutrogena announced the creation of SkinScanner, a smartphone hardware add-on that can track skin health over time and give suggestions on how to improve it. SkinScanner was just one of many devices doling out recommendations related to appearance.

The SkinScanner is a tool that slides onto the top of your iPhone and uses 12 LED lights and a 30x magnification lens to capture an up-close image of your skin. It also has a moisture sensor, around the rim of the lens. You open the app, press the device right onto your face, and take a series of images.
Using machine learning, the app compares your skin to other users in your age range. It then assigns a score, up to 100, for each of these three categories. Below that, the app shows a blue "Improve" button, which leads you to a Neutrogena store. It might then suggest, for example, that you use a Neutrogena sunscreen, or cleanser, or a product with retinol or hyaluronic acid.