"The challenge for ecommerce brands is to bridge the discovery that happens on Instagram, and similar tools, and make this discovery phase become native and within our walls,"
Felipe Araujo, DvF's Director of Ecommerce

Mobile generates more than half of DVF's web traffic, but the brand faced a challenge in lifting mobile revenue.

DVF turned to on Qubit Aura, an AI-powered product discovery solution, to curate one-to-one experiences for visitors to the mobile website. The platform lets mobile customers see more of the product catalog and more of what's relevant to them with a few swipes and interactions, increasing conversions on mobile by four times.

Basket reminders have helped boost sales, while user-specific offers saw a 20% conversion rate among target customers.

For instance, on the DvF feed, complementary shoes, accessories and other items will be shown to match a previously purchased pair of pants, while everything in the feed will reflect sizes and styles similar to the customer's preferences, based-off of machine learning techniques.
If a customer hasn't visited or purchased in the past, the feed will show top-trending items and items near selling out, along with the exact count of how often an item has been clicked on. The feed will also change depending on factors like geographic location and where the customer clicked through to the site from, like an email newsletter or Instagram.

Diane von Furstenberg was among 20 companies that started testing Qubit Aura last year to let customers browse a personalized section selection of products on its mobile website. The Qubit Aura layer sits on top of a mobile website.