With its new line, Crayola is both meeting a demand and bowing to the inevitable. The internet features videos with people using Crayola products as eyeliner and other forms of makeup. While the company has urged people not to do this, even going so far as to include language in its online Frequently Asked Questions, it hasn't stopped people from using the colored pencils and crayons as cosmetics. This new line fills the void and launches exclusively at ASOS.com. It has a whopping 58 pieces (all vegan!) and range from $15 to $40.
The packaging is nostalgic, with multi-use face crayons shaped just like regular crayons and trio packs in that familiar yellow and green box. All of the color names—Fuzzy Wuzzy, a dusty rose, Tumbleweed, a cool beige, Outer Space, a metallic slate blue—are taken from shades of actual Crayola crayons.

Now, it can capitalize on people's desire for a colorful look. After Wellness brands, here is another player in the beauty space that one needs to keep an eye on!