With his own AI, Dr. Chopra now has a new vehicle to reach people around the globe on an individual basis.
  • Digital Deepak can answer questions and share insights on every aspect of well-being.

  • By interacting with Digital Deepak, anyone can receive personalized advice, assess their quality of life, and receive guidance about their inner issues and questions.

  • Digital Deepak can lead guided daily meditations anywhere in the world, at any time.
For Dr. Chopra and the AI Foundation, the goal is to elevate human consciousness on the broadest scale, ultimately unlocking humanity's ability to solve urgent global problems, and leading the way to personal transformation. As with Dr. Chopra's newest book, Metahuman, Digital Deepak is a tool he is making available to everyone as a further step in his journey to our collective awakening to fundamental reality for all of humanity.

The startup wants to eventually digitize everyone in this manner, uploading the sum total of the subject's recorded words and text output to train a machine learning system cast in his or her likeness with deepfake-like tech. The head of the foundation said he wanted to start with people who have a big fan base, mission and purpose.
"What we want to do is to basically give people their own AI, digital version of themselves, trained in a clearly defined topic range to speak on their behalf," says AI Foundation CEO Lars Butler.

The idea is that such a future would allow people to have one-on-one conversations with another's digital likenesses on a large scale, an especially useful tool for celebrities and other influential personalities. That possibility was what first enticed Chopra, who agreed to be an early test case and who speaks of AI and other technology in dystopian terms.

"This is a perilous time for the world where you can hack into anybody anywhere. … Technology could literally lead to our extinction. There needs to be a deeper system of intelligence that can actually call out all the life and guard against unethical behavior, and this is what really convinced me to participate." Deepak Chopra