"Some of the most fun parts of this project has been the flexibility in determining what the format is.. Blue Apron was totally on board with us experimenting and not wanting to feel formulaic."
Frances Harlow, deputy creative director of Gimlet Media.

Episodes will span from identifying "characters" responsible for starting food trends, to following along with one recent immigrant's nursing school graduation potluck dinner.

The brand is already creating extra content for fans including videos on cooking technique, deeper dives into some of Blue Apron's unique weekly ingredients and blog posts focusing on the service's suppliers.
The podcast is related to the brand thematically but by design doesn't include heavy-handed references back to the sponsor.

"Creating incredible home-cooking experiences is the core of what we do, and by supplementing our culinary products with inspiring content and engaging storytelling, we've found that we can connect with our customers on an emotional level, both in the kitchen and beyond," Blue Apron CMO Jared Cluff.