"Having your name on a bottle and choosing a color is not personalization. It's cute and nice, but at the end of the day, it's a stock formula in the bottle. The ability for the customer to have the choice of how they want to blend, what they want to add and when they want to do it is like cooking. And having that flexibility and opportunity is really a unique aspect of personalization." Tina Hedges, founder of LOLI
LOLI (which stands for Living Organic Loving Ingredients) Beauty was launched as a 3-month surprise subscription box and got noticed by the media, trendsetters, and did pop-up blending bars with partners like Urban Outfitters.

The brand claims to be just pure, potent, personalized beauty using only superfood, organic or wild harvested ingredients that are fresh and minimally processed to retain their potency and effectiveness. They never dilute or pollute their products. The customers order all-natural, organic and sustainably harvested products like blue cornflower water, prickly pear seed or wild yam root; and mix them together in the comfort of their home to create either a face or hair mask or use them individually for hair, face and body

The brand is now incorporating artificial intelligence into its platform to deliver an even deeper level of experience. This will allow the business to bridge the gap between the in-person BIY vertical and algorithm-based beauty. The company is currently in its next stage of growth after securing $1 million in pre-seed funding, and is undergoing a $1.5 million seed round to incorporate a more all-around tech-driven approach to its business, with everything from chatbots to machine learning.