Collusion pledges to be totally animal free, sustainable, and more size-inclusive than ever as the collection will go up to a size 6X
A brand that prides itself on being "for the coming age," they've come out of the gate with a colorful and '90s-inspired collection but it's sure not to look the same as the seasons continue, as they will constantly be on the hunt for the next new trend, from the everyday wears to the most head-turning statement pieces.
The breakout campaign for the brand's launch features 100 subjects who were all born in the year 2000. Together, the teens span an array of cultures, races, religions, and socioeconomic statuses; they include Glasgow's Shay Thomas who "identifies as them/they and was abandoned as a baby at the foot of a temple in Thailand," Fred Alexander, who is a skateboarder from London who "hates lad culture, preferring the company of girls because 'they're just generally better people"; and Lydia Wasley who had cancer when she was 14 in London which resulted in leg amputation and "has a hugely positive and inspiring outlook on body-image and self-love."