Having a storefront allows influencers to link directly to Amazon through channels where hyperlinking a URL isn't possible.
Influencers often embed a tracking link in their Instagram captions, but have no way to track swipe-up engagements on their Instagram stories. Influencers receive a standard fee for each purchase they drive on Amazon, which varies by product category.

Top performing influencers in the program, who are live with storefronts today, include Colette.Prime, Dr. Organic Mommy and Cocktail Chemistry, according to Amazon.

Today the influencer storefronts are bland, but sources say Amazon is developing a publishing tool that will allow influencers to easily port their social media content, whether static images or videos, from channels like Instagram and YouTube, directly to their storefronts. Brands can also use the publishing tool to pull in content from their social channels and websites to make their storefronts more engaging.
Better creative is exciting for advertisers who want to add more emotion to their product pages on Amazon. This is the opportunity to have one-by-one aspect ratio, either static or video, that would click through to the product detail pages.

The program is currently open to qualifying influencers with a YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account. Amazon can approve YouTube and Twitter accounts instantly, while Instagram and Facebook accounts can take up to five days.

To vet influencers, Amazon looks at their follower count, the type of content they post, how much content they post and its relevancy for Amazon shoppers, a spokesperson said. Amazon isn't recruiting the most popular influencers, but ones that have proven they can drive traffic.

"Amazon is teaching influencers on other platforms to point back to Amazon, and teaching consumers how to go down the funnel from a social platform to purchase on Amazon," said Jeff Nicholson, chief media officer at VaynerMedia.

Brands can access the program through Amazon's advertising team directly. It's not currently linked to Amazon's DSP or Amazon Web Services.