The platform was founded by net artist and general tech dude Vector Newman (that's his New Life name) and is supported by a network of Internet pioneers, including V-files' Preston Chaunsumlit.
It claims to be the first social media platform to convert our ability to create and curate content – something that Newman refers to as Aesthetic Quotient or AQ – "finding patterns between different things people find beautiful" – into real-world currency. After all, building an economy controlled entirely by aesthetics is so post-internet.

"There is no boss, no executives. As the founder, I'm federating people but eventually I want this project to be owned and driven by the community," Vector Newman, New Life AI Founder
The app itself is divided into eight video game-style levels. This format is best for us because creativity requires a mood that should be relaxed and exciting, according to the founder of the platform. Each level unlocks a different function on the app. For example, level one is the voting booth where users are presented with various posts from across the network (think edgy Instagram filtorials and VR fembots) and invited to rate the quality of the content by pressing down on the screen: the longer you press the higher the vote. This number is measured against other users through an AI-powered system, sort of like an aesthetic hive mind. The more you vote with the community, the more Newpoints you gain. The more Newpoints you gain, the more features are unlocked, the more weight your votes have in the cultural ecosystem, and the more air-time given to your content. There's even a HAL 9000-style chatbot that you can speak to.

Each point you gain is then converted into a cryptocurrency called New Coin, a blockchain that functions in a similar way to Bitcoin. "The value of the Newcoin is measured by the curation, the trust and the creativity of the users of the app," explains the founder.

In short, the idea is to create a currency that can be used all across the world so that a user from Sri Lanka can vote for content posted by a Mexican user and some microscopic value units will flow between the two and bounce onto everyone else.

The long-term goal is for creatives outside of the world's key metropolitan areas to have the same opportunities as, say, someone in London, Paris, or New York. "Right now, my main project is focusing on building bridges with countries that are not traditionally included in the global creative ecosystem, working with music labels and film studios in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Mali," Vector Newman says "We also work with a board of AI experts in order to optimise the algorithms."

New Life.AI offers therefore new possibilities for young creatives to collaborate with others across the world and receive full compensation for their so-called capital goods.