NY-based label Rag & Bone explored the relationship between AI and humankind with a fashion week dinner featuring an artificial intelligence system as a special guest. Titled "A Last Supper" the dinner, which accompanied the launch of the label's fall 2019 collection in New York this week, saw guests sitting around a U-shaped table while having their conversations and actions filmed and analyzed by a number of cameras. This was then fed in real-time into an AI system, referred to as "Distinguished Guest."
Around 50 curated guests, styled in Rag and Bone's latest, were invited to the Weylin in Brooklyn. Photographing celebrities like Lakeith Stanfield, Emma Roberts, Liev Schreiber, and Justin Theroux in your clothes at a chic dinner spread is fine, and those photographs will certainly be part of the Rag and Bone's campaign. But the event brought something more.

"We started exploring how to capture the collection in different ways and the idea of artificial intelligence came up. It just felt like it would be a very interesting way to capture clothing in a three-dimensional way, which you can't do with film and photography." Marcus Wainwright, Rag and Bone CEO
In order to make the AI as natural a guest as possible, A Last Supper employed two types of artificial neural networks (aka deep learning technology): convolutional neural networks that classify objects and people in images, and long short-term memory recurrent neural networks that predict sequences of text once given a starting point.

These aided in allowing the AI to give opening remarks, gather information, learn throughout the evening, and then share some closing remarks. To actually capture the collection, point cloud data–a representation of how the AI sees the world–was used, and the footage was compiled into a conceptual video with original music from Radiohead's Thom Yorke.

With A Last Supper, Wainwright and his team made sure to start with the clothes and work backward. Not only were there more models (i.e., dinner guests), but the AI added a new layer on how we look at clothes in general!